White Labeled Augmented Reality Solution for Advertising Agency

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The Client

The client is an esteemed advertising agency in Europe that specializes in integrating new visual technologies into the advertising industry. They use unique technologies such as three-dimensional displays, holographic screens, projections and other innovative technologies for creating thoughtful campaigns that help to increase sales and bring about consumer awareness of the advertised products and services.

The Client Requirement

The client was looking for an Augmented Reality solution that helps them to fulfill their mission to provide high-quality tools & services for advertising campaigns. With this solution, they aim to be the pioneers of Augmented Reality advertising in their country.

How did SMACAR Solutions help?

The client entered into a strategic partnership with SMACAR Solutions by joining the White Label program. SMACAR’s white-labeled Augmented Reality solution includes: a versatile Augmented Reality app which places digital objects onto the physical world, a web-based AR creation tool and an AR content management system.

The white label solution provides the client with complete brand control and has all the functionality and features that are available in SMACAR’s in-house products. In addition to the features already available, SMACAR also plans to incorporate extra features like blockchain integration into the Augmented Reality solution as requested by the client.

The Result

Using the solution, the client’s customers can create, publish and manage Augmented Reality campaigns that are interactive and engaging. The white label solution allows the client’s customers to reach out to the consumers in unique ways. The solution also helps the client’s mission of offering quality Augmented Reality tools and services to their customers and bring about a revolution in the advertising industry.


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