Voice Bots – a Revolution in Customer Support

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Voice bots are software programs powered by AI components that can understand natural language and interact with people over voice messaging.

Built on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), voice bots have the ability to learn and absorb information and can converse like humans.

Why should businesses invest in voice bots for handling customer queries?

Customers have already become accustomed to using voice bots like Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. By 2020, it is estimated that 50% of the searches will be performed via voice.

For businesses, voice bots provide a new way to interact with their customers and speed up the process of solving the customers’ problems.

Voice bots will be able to provide fast and immediate customer support through human-like and intuitive conversations. These voice activated bots will be able to handle the majority of customer queries or issues which means the human agents can concentrate on handling more complex tasks.

You can get access to voice bot analytics when you implement voice bots for customer support. This helps you to discover the problems your customers face even before they complain about them. The data you can get from voice bot analytics can help you provide better customer support and stay ahead of your competitors.

What features should your voice bot have to provide efficient customer support?

The voice bots need to have certain features that enable them to have intuitive and smooth conversations with your customers.

Intent Analysis

Humans tend to use different phrases to convey the same intent. A voice bot should have the ability to perform intent analysis to understand the meaning behind the words used by humans.

Voice bots should be trained in such a way that nothing gets lost in translation and has to be smart enough to carry out conversations with the customers convincingly.

Good Listener

Voice bots should be programmed to know when to talk and when to pause. Certain scenarios will require the voice bots to pause such as when determining the next step of action or when the customer on the other end is talking.

At the same time, the machine programmed assistants should be smart enough not to pause when passing on some critical information to a customer even when interrupted by that person.


For the voice bots to create a pleasant and efficient customer support experience, speed plays a vital role. Voice bots should have the capability to interpret and act at the same rate as the customer.

If there are lags and delay in giving a response, it may frustrate the customer and create a bad impression of the business.


A voice bot should be able to provide personalized suggestions based on the current and past calling patterns of a customer.

It should be able to identify existing customers and greet them by their caller name and pick up the likely reason behind the person calling the customer support.

Assist Humans

The last thing a customer ever wants is to be stuck with a voice bot when calling customer support for help. The customer should be given the option to speak to live-agent during a call.

Some user-oriented fallback rules have to be pre-defined as to when the voice bots should redirect the customer to the live agents on a priority basis.

Learn Continuously

Understanding human conversations is a never-ending process. A voice bot should have the ability to learn continuously and improve its accuracy & predictability rate based on previous conversations.

SMACAR Solutions is in talks with various clients in the US to help them provide better customer support and remain competitive by using automated voice bots. Our aim is to provide voice bots for companies as a means to reach out, help and engage customers. If you liked what you read and are looking to efficiently meet your customer demands using automated voice solutions, please feel free to contact us.


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