Virtual Reality Case Study for Museum


SMACAR Solutions developed a virtual reality app for a museum in Chennai. The museum takes us to the era of the colonial rule and comprises of many sections that display artifacts from that period belonging to the British and the Indian freedom fighters. The museum authorities wanted to give the visitors one of a kind experience by using virtual reality and increase the number of visitors.

Virtual reality app developed by SMACAR Solutions helps to enhance the experience of the visitors by catering to their visual and aural senses. When the visitors come to the museum, they can opt to have a virtual tour of the museum before physically exploring the place.

The VR app helps to take them on a virtual tour of the museum, allowing them to navigate through every hall of the museum. For info on each section of the museum and on what it contains, you can tap on the multimedia tags that appear as when you reach that place. This helps the visitors choose the areas that interest them the most and visit them. The visitors can access the information on each and every artifact displayed in the museum and in addition, can view them in their original historical settings through the VR app.

The virtual reality app developed by SMACAR Solutions helps to provide immersive experiences to the visitors by allowing them to view the entire museum in VR. The VR experiences act as a novelty factor that helps to attract more visitors to the museum. In addition to providing immersive experiences, virtual reality helps to enhance the visitors’ understanding of the historic collection of the artifacts.

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