Virtual Reality Case Study for the Manufacturing Sector


The Client

The Client, a US Based Institute for Manufacturing Materials Innovation, is a partnership of industry, academic institutions, as well as federal, state, and local governments working together to benefit the energy and economic security of the nation. Their varied public/private collaborations provide validity to manufacturing technologies aiding private industry’s need for faster and more efficient material manufacturing, including recycling at the end of product life. Their research and development programs are propelled by major industry participation and focus on reducing technical risk and developing a robust supply chain to support a growing advanced materials industry.

The Client Requirement

More than 10,000 visitors visit the Client’s facility every year to understand what material composites are, their types and use in various industries and how they are molded into components like safety gear for manufacturing plants and as spare parts for automobiles & other machines.

The visitors also comprise of prospective clients from various countries who are interested in having a business collaboration with the client. However, taking these visitors through a tour of the manufacturing unit and explaining the processes each time in a clear and convincing manner was being a challenge.

The client had to allocate a few senior staff members for this and it was impacting their productivity towards the research. Also, when the Client had to attend events organized in various parts of the world, it was practically not possible for the client to carry the factory floor machinery to demonstrate the manufacturing process.

How did SMACAR Solutions help?

After having the opportunity to visit the client’s facilities and realizing their challenge, SMACAR team proposed the following to address their requirement.

1. Create digital assets of the various processes using a sequence of 3D graphics and animations.

2. Along with an audio voice-over, aligned with the visuals, the visitors will be provided with the required information for them to gain an in-depth understanding.

3. The digital assets would be bundled into a video that can be played with any display device.

4. A Virtual Reality application would also be created from the digital asset that can be viewed using a head mounted display device which allows for visualization of the process through 3D animations and allows the user to have a rich interactive experience.

The Result

The client is now close to having a self-guided virtual tour of the manufacturing unit with minimal assistance for their visitors. The need for staff personnel to take the visitors on the tour of the facilities can be avoided. For out-station events, the client only needs to carry a head-mounted display (HMD) device and with the help of the Virtual Reality app, they can showcase the factory-floor machinery and explain the manufacturing process to the visitors. The immersive and compelling nature of Virtual Reality helps the visitors/attendees understand the process better and absorb information faster.


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