Use Augmented Reality to paint the picture of our Historical past this Republic day

mahatma-gandhi - Augmented Reality

Use Augmented Reality to paint the picture of our historical past this Republic Day

Republic Day is all about patriotism. Ignite the patriotic fervour with Augmented Reality (AR). For today’s generation, Republic Day is just another national holiday. Not many know the significance of this day nor know the essence behind the celebration of Republic Day. Though India became independent on 15th August 1947, we were still following the laws of the British Raj till we had our very own constitution that was unveiled on 26th January 1950. The struggle for freedom, the chaos that ensued and the restoration of peace with the unveiling of constitution holds a significant place in our country’s history and needs to be taught to everyone who is born and lives in this country.

History Lessons with Augmented Reality

History lessons can be boring and yawn-inducing for today’s youth. Bank on AR to explain the history of India right from the conditions of people under the British, the struggle our freedom fighters had put up to free the country from their clutches and to how our constitution was formed. Through AR, history lessons can be made even more exciting.
Visual cues go a long way in creating a lasting impression on people which they relish for a long time. You can make the historic stories come to life through AR and make it exciting for the youth. You can make the freedom fighters come to life and give out messages to the confused youth of today which can guide them to head in the right direction.
Encourage the youth to celebrate this Republic Day with zeal by making them learn the importance of secularism and democracy that we enjoy and also the rich multi-cultural heritage of our country which is reflected in the Republic Day parade highlighting the unity of our country.
SMACAR - Republic Day
Download the SMACAR app and scan this picture of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation and get a glimpse of the first Republic Day parade at Rajpath which includes our first President and Prime Minister.
On 15th of August, the past is recalled. But on Republic Day, the pledge is revived. Join us in taking a pledge inside our hearts to promote the feeling of oneness and to keep India united despite the diversities in cultures, religions, languages, traditions, and lifestyles. Happy Republic Day from the team of SMACAR Solutions.


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