Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

The definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed over the years but what has remained constant is the core idea of developing machines/programs which are capable of thinking like humans. AI is a broader term that encapsulates many subsets within such as Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) and Neural Networks. ML is the learning part of AI which provides the machines with the ability to learn without having to program explicitly. DL comprises of an artificial neural network which is an interconnection of a large number of artificial neurons.

Competing With The Human Brain

Every part of AI is modeled on the human brain with the neural networks coming more close by mimicking the billions of neurons interconnected by synapses in the human brain. Neural networks have come a long way but a lot of progress is yet to happen which also affects the other subsets of AI and decides its pace of advancement. Hence AI is now referred to as Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) or weak AI. Though the capabilities of ANI are impressive in mimicking the humans in the way they think and communicate, the programs should learn to be more intuitive like humans. For instance, Apple’s Siri can only answer your basic questions, it cannot get creative or go beyond what it is programmed for.

Does AI Have The Capacity To Surpass Human Brain?

Experts are striving to bring about advancements in AI which will have the ability to reason, handle complex concepts, and the capacity to think at the speed of a single human brain through the creation of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Many experts believe that with further innovations and advancements, it is possible for AI to reach a level of intelligence where it is smarter than the all of the human race combined and are referring to it as Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI).
Already AI is making waves in many ways in your daily lives in the form of ANI. ANI systems are present as anti-brake locks in your cars, the power that drives Google, Email Spam filters which identifies spam according to your mail preferences, powers auto-pilot, self-driving cars and many more.
It will take many years for AI to surpass the capabilities of the human brain. Even though there have been advancements in AI, yet it makes us wonder the superiority our brain has over the artificial neural network making it the most complex object in the world.
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