Augmented Reality in the Tourism Industry

Now is the age of experiential tourists who are looking for authentic experiences that allow them to live like locals. The main goal of the tourism industry is to create such experiences for the tourists that are adventure filled, enables them to learn new skills and offers fulfillment & rejuvenation. The tourism industry can adopt Augmented Reality to make it possible by adding a sense of value to the tourists’ experiences.


How can Tourism Industry Benefit from Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality can be of immense value for the tourists, hotels, tour operators, destination marketers, everyone related to the tourism industry.  Below are some of the innovative and effective uses of Augmented Reality in the tourism industry:
Augmented Reality Tour Guide
Traveling to far off places most likely involves visiting the unfamiliar territory and most of the visitors are clueless about how to explore the place without the assistance of a tour guide. An Augmented Reality tourism app can act as a virtual tour guide that provides the visitors with directions and information related to a place. It can enrich the experiences by adding digital objects that help to simplify the directions.
Augmented Reality for Hotels
Accommodation is the first thing that people consider when planning a vacation. Hotels can use Augmented Reality to create a virtual tour of their facilities and attract the tourists to book their hotel rooms to stay during the vacation.
Every hotel room can have a marker which when scanned using an Augmented Reality app can provide the guests with info on the nearby tourist attractions or about the services of the hotel and convert their one-time visitors to regular ones.
Include gamification as a marketing tool to entice the visitors to stay in the hotel or visit them again. With the help of an augmented reality app, the hotels can have a game similar to Pokemon Go and encourage the visitors especially the younger ones to collect points which they can redeem with some discount offers.
Augmented Reality Dining Experiences
Augmented Reality can help restaurants to attract the tourists and provide them with the relevant information about the exact location of the restaurant, cuisine they offer and their special dishes just by scanning their logo on a promotional material.
Restaurants can entice the tourists to visit their place by providing a 360-degree view of the dining area and the dishes they serve over the flat photos that Google Images provide. They can display information such as the ingredients, portion size, and price over virtual 3D models of the dish.
Another innovative way of using Augmented Reality in restaurants is to provide the tourists with virtual menus and a means to collect discount coupons through gamification which helps to create incredible dining experiences for them.
Augmented Reality Tourist Attractions
Incredible visitor experiences contribute to a destination’s success. Destination marketers and tour operators can use specific Augmented Reality apps to help tourists experience places and attractions in a meaningful way. They can provide information about the local attractions, entertainment available and the local culture in an interactive way by over-laying it on top of the real-world view.
Destination marketers can use Augmented Reality to enrich the way tourists experience the attractions. Augmented Reality can help to bring the museum exhibits to life.
This immersive technology helps to provide interactive navigation of the theme parks and zoos which are large in terms of territory. It also helps to include a fun element to attract the tourists with the help of gamification. Useful and visual information about the particular places within the parks or about animals in the zoos makes it easy for the tourists to explore the place.
Augmented Reality Historical Places
Augmented reality can help to transport the visitors of historical places such as monuments, battlefields etc., to the previous era and give them an accurate picture of how they looked centuries ago. In addition to flooding the visitors with information about these places, Augmented Reality can allow them to see the evolution of the landmarks with respect to time.
The tourism industry can use Augmented Reality to provide an unexpected twist to the vacation experiences of the tourists. Even though it is not as popular as its cousin – Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality has immense potential to revolutionize the tourists’ experiences. There are many contributing factors that impact the adoption of Augmented Reality in the tourism industry. The proliferation of smartphones and new apps coming up specifically for this industry has led to an increase in the adoption of this immersive technology.
If you are someone in the tourism space and looking to push the envelope through the use of innovative methods, then contact us. We will help you by creating Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps that can enhance your business by providing unique experiences for the tourists.

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