5 tips to value them on your CV and in maintenance

1. Do the sorting

Keep only the odd jobs that have allowed you to acquire skills on your resume that you are also asked in the job description. That’s what you get out of these odd jobs that will give them real added value . For example, a server job will have taught you customer contact, stress management, prioritization, many skills to take advantage of another job. A small simple exercise, make a table with 2 columns. Put on the left the list of your odd jobs with all the skills acquired through each of them. Then right-hand the list of skills listed in the job description. Then cross the 2 columns to know which small work (s) you will keep in your student resume for example.

2. Present concrete results

If your odd jobs have allowed you to achieve clear goals , value them. Your actions and your commercial spirit may have contributed to the increase in the turnover of a company, explain it. Another example for your student resume, you gave a student a private lesson, explain that it allowed him to get his patent and you improved your patience and your pedagogy. So many skills to value in your Curriculum Vitae.

3. Never belittle an experience

If you have chosen to talk about this little job and write it on your student resume, it is because he has something to contribute to your application. Do not use a negative term in the description of it. If you worked in the family business, it’s an experience like any other, you could have done nothing.

4. Highlight jobs requiring specific training

A first aid training, the BAFA (Facilitator’s Feature Certificate) … if one of your odd jobs has required training, put it forward. Being trained for a summer job will prove a real desire on your part that not all students will have.

5. Choose the longest experiences if you have done several similar little jobs

Once you have had more substantial experiences in internship and permanent contract, you can keep the section “Other experiences” on your resume to talk about your odd jobs, like I worked at service where students pay for assignments australia but it will be reduced more and more to give way to other jobs held and other skills developed to be included on your resume.

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