Tick your New Year Resolutions using Augmented Reality

Fitness apps Augmented Reality

As January comes to a close, we are filled with a fresh set of resolutions yet again. Making the resolutions for New Year is the easiest but keeping them up can be a little tricky. Most often, more than 70 percent of all New Year’s resolutions are not fulfilled. Hey, fret not! Start the New Year with a new hope.
Most of our resolutions are about self-improving and trying to become an improved version of ourselves. Many of us may want to start exercising, start saving more money, stop procrastinating, quit smoking and drinking and many more. All these grand plans will be abandoned no sooner we start them. This New Year, try out Augmented Reality(AR) to help fulfill those resolutions that have eluded you for years.  Before getting into the nitty-gritty, let us get to know what AR is and how it can be used to make mundane tasks fun.
AR is a technology which is used to overlay digital assets on to physical objects. Humans are visual creatures. We do our tasks with more passion if we find stuff exciting. AR brings with it the component of visual discovery, which helps bring inanimate objects come alive. AR can also be your tool for self-improving and breaking away from bad habits.

Gamified Fitness Routines

Fitness apps Augmented Reality
Fitness goals top the list of resolutions for many. Adding the gaming element to your fitness routine makes it more fun and engaging. AR games like Pokemon Go and Zombies, Run! have captured this phenomenon aptly by encouraging people to run in an unexpected way. It has encapsulated Game theory in its app by giving incentives to fulfil their primary objective of finding Pokemon or surviving the Zombie attack. People love games and if you could somehow make your resolutions engaging, the probability of executing those resolutions increases manifold. This is where AR pitches in by bringing the engagement factor.
AR incorporated devices can help you in sticking to your fitness goals throughout the year. Whenever you crave for some junk food or late night snacks, a wearable AR device can actually warn you by displaying in real-time, the nutrition facts or the amount of weight you might gain by having it. This may motivate you from staying away from it and prevent you from piling up some extra kilos.
Many AR apps are also available which provide real-time data about what’s going on in your body while you are working out, for instance, recording your heart beat. This data helps to make sure that you are doing enough to shed those extra kilos or to build muscle and not over-straining yourself.

Enhance your Willpower with AR

AR devices can help you in reminding the unfinished tasks at work or at home which has been long pending by popping your boss or spouse’s picture yelling at you to complete it. These devices may also send reminders for the amount of money you have saved by not smoking the whole day and also the number of days added to your lifespan as a result of it in real-time motivating you to stick to your goal to quit smoking.
Will power selector button with blue and grey tones. Conceptual 3D render image with depth of field blur effect. Concept suitable for volition illustration uccessful business or motivation
AR with its huge potential can help you in keeping up your promises and gives you the reason to get up in the morning and strive to be the best version of yourself.
We at SMACAR, believe that love is all about expressing ourselves in a vivid manner and letting go of our thoughts. This Holiday season, gift your loved ones amazing Augmented Reality experiences with SMACAR studio and let them know what you think about them.


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