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At SMACAR, we pride in being open and make sure that each and everyone can contribute to the growth of the company. We are a fast growing and a nimble startup where every contribution is valued.

And we are changing the way people see things around them one step at a time. At SMACAR, we have fun events at the end of each month, an open office where you can pretty much approach anyone and learn from them. Just like the Bodh Gaya tree, our office promises to enlighten you with worldly knowledge in the field you specialise in.


SMACAR Solutions offers various benefits and perks for the welfare of the employees and to motivate them which includes food card, PF, insurance, job training, flexible working hours, work from home option, professional development programs and employee assistance programs.


Our training programs allow our employees to strengthen their skills that takes them to a higher level and expand their knowledge base.


Celebrating our employees’ accomplishments, their milestones form a part of our office culture.


Flex – Timings

To make our employees feel valued and trusted, we allow them to have the flexibility to work from home.

Employee Recognition

SMACAR Solutions is always at the forefront in recognizing and rewarding our most valuable business asset – our employees.

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