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Power of Augmented Reality for your Business

Research indicates that in 2019, 20% of SMB’s globally are going to leverage Augmented Reality to increase their brand awareness by 61%, customer engagement by 71% and ROI by 40%.

SMACAR Solutions Augmented Reality White Label Program (SSAWP)

The Opportunity

Augmented Reality is one of the cutting-edge technologies that have considerable potential to be a game changer across a variety of industries and has become a major tool for businesses to attract and engage their customers.

SMACAR’s comprehensive SAAS (Software as a Service) AR Solution allows businesses to quickly adopt AR and enhance their ROI. We have helped clients across the globe to deploy this effective & user-friendly solution either directly or with customizations.

The AR solution comprises of a versatile AR app, available on Android & iOS, an intuitive AR Studio/creator and a CMS that allows you to manage & track AR campaigns, users, content, rewards, and reports.

Many businesses across the globe have realized the potential of this immersive technology and integrating it into their business model to gain an edge over their competitors. Add AR as an add-on to your existing products and services and increase your revenue.

SMACAR'S Guide to Augmented Reality White Label Program(SSAWP)


What is SMACAR Solutions Augmented Reality White Label Program (SSAWP)

The SMACAR Solutions White Label Program consists of a completely rebranded Augmented Reality solution, having the client’s logo, preferred icon-sets and color palettes. This program allows you to utilize our innovative AR solution to significantly grow your business, increase your revenue and provide additional value with your own products & services.

The white label program instantly expands your product line without the need for any development and helps you reach new customers with a tried and tested AR solution. It allows you to offer unique and innovative AR products to your existing customers.

We will help you make use of this emerging technology in the best possible way with extensive training and support. Our mission is to make it a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

Who Should consider SSAWP?

We believe that the SMACAR White Label program can be suited best for the following:

  • Are you an enterprise or a medium sized software company? You can add AR to your portfolio of services.
  • Are you an Advertising or Marketing agency that engages with businesses to increase their brand awareness and engagement through the print media? AR can help boost the campaigns you run for your clients.
  • Are you a Publishing house that prints books and magazines? AR can help provide interactive and engaging experiences to the readers.

Are you a Digital Printing company that prints posters, catalogues, brochures, fliers etc.? AR can help you digitize the printed content and link it to your client’s digital assets.

Features of SSAWP

  • SMACAR provides an instance of the SMACAR App, Studio, and CMS with basic customization to reflect client branding.
  • Language translation & appropriate payment gateway integration
  • Training and support on all the components of the SMACAR AR Solution.
  • The cost will include just a one-time development for customization, bundled studio subscription and annual maintenance.
  • Creation of digital assets and 2D/3D content creation support.
  • Technical assistance for specific client requirement.

Benefits of SSAWP

  • Auto upgrades, any enhancements to the basic features of the app, studio or CMS will automatically be applied to the client’s instance.
  • Cost-effective as there is no need to hire resources for development and avoid development cost from scratch.
  • Become a Certified White Label partner and enhance your brand name by adding unique and innovative AR solution to your portfolio.
  • Provide your customers with powerful and easy-to-use AR products, all under the name of your brand.
  • Increase your customer base by offering unmatched AR products.

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