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Power of Augmented Reality for your Business

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Power of Augmented Reality for your Business

SMACAR offers the perfect white label solution for integrating Augmented Reality into your products and services. This program provides you with an opportunity to benefit from AR solutions tailor-made for your specific needs. The white label solution offers you complete brand control with zero association with SMACAR!

Our white label program allows you to customize the Augmented Reality solution as per your brand image. No coding & programming expertise required to use the Augmented Reality solution.

The white label Augmented Reality solution from SMACAR includes the following AR based products for businesses:

  1. A versatile Augmented Reality app which places digital objects onto the physical world.
  2. Easy drag & drop Augmented Reality studio that allows for creation and
    publishing of AR experiences.
  3. A web-based content authoring tool that comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface which allows you to manage users, track AR campaigns and reward programs.


Enhance your offering

By leveraging SMACAR’s white label solution, you can instantly add Augmented Reality products and services to your core offering. This helps you to grow your business from an entrepreneur to an agency and above.

Eliminate cost

You will have access to an unmatched turnkey AR solution at the price less than the one required for custom development.

Increase your revenue

Leveraging SMACAR’s white label solution allows you to adopt an already successful ROI model and add a new revenue stream for your business.

With an exclusive white label program, you can brand the AR solution the way you want. You will have access to unmatched AR solution at the price less than the cost required for custom development. The white label solution allows for the incorporation of every possible feature that you want in addition to the features available in the SMACAR products.

Yes, from the icons to the splash screen on the app, studio, and CMS, you have complete control over the look and feel of the white label solution.

SMACAR offers you priority support with the fastest response possible. Our engineers are always available for you to solve any technical query and help you create captivating experiences for your customers.

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