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Augmented Reality company - SMACAR

Augmented Reality company - SMACAR

Why work in a startup? It is a question that is asked by many. The answer is something more visceral than intellectual. The logic is infallible. The long nights, Less pay, The unpredictability.
But more people are starting companies and working on new ideas than any other time in the history. The world around is changing rapidly and we are more than glad to be part of it. Humans as a species have always been pioneers in what they do and it is this spirit that motivates many to work on projects that are new.
At SMACAR, we have a motivated band of youngsters and experienced adults who on the common goal of striving to create a change in the Mobile, Social and Analytics space. With the widespread adoption of Mobile and proliferation of data, we believe in Augmented Reality a technology that helps make content interactive.
Humans as smart as they are, still don’t have too much attention span and this very fact is what puzzles most businesses. Advertisers try everything in their bag to gain people’s attention to their products. With Augmented Reality, you can not only grasp attention better, you could deliver your message clearly.

What makes us?

Our R&D team is hard in work at making our product better and help implement Augmented Reality in the mainstream. Yes, we face challenges in technologies that are new to us. But you know what, the thought of coming to work every day to be a part of something bigger than us is what moves us forward.
As the world moves online, our Web development team helps people and companies create a digital presence. Got an issue with your website. Fret not, our team of expert web developers is onto the issue.
Branding and growing a company is one of the main challenges faced by any company. Our Digital Marketing team creates an identity that makes companies stand out. Be it on Social media or our innovative campaigns, we help businesses grow.
Our testing team acts as the final step in making sure the products that go out are top notch and have assured quality.
Together, we are SMACAR practicing agile development and take inputs from our client to make them a reality. Striving to make the world digitized, making sure the power of a brand is proliferated and helping the world come Alive.
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