SMACAR Solutions Launches Its First Versatile Augmented Reality App

SMACAR Solutions New Augmented Reality App Enables Business and Brands to Engage Customers with Immersive AR Experiences.

Chennai, India. – December 4th, 2016 – SMACAR Solutions, the tech startup with its headquarters in the US, today announced the launch of an AR app – SMACAR. SMACAR is a template based AR app that can display information in multiple pre-defined digital content formats such as text, video, audio, 2D/3D graphics, and animations depending on the context of the target scanned by the user. The versatility of the app makes it ideal virtually for every industry, including education, real-estate, manufacturing, retail, and entertainment. The SMACAR app will help any business or brand to offer immersive and contextually-relevant AR experiences for their customers thus aiding in improving the ROI.

The SMACAR app helps business and brands to embrace the potential of augmented reality in engaging their customers in diverse ways in real-time. This includes showcasing their products, providing top-notch services and to run innovative marketing campaigns.

Sreehari Unnikrishnan, CEO of SMACAR Solutions, commented: “SMACAR seamlessly blurs the differences between digital and physical worlds. The launch of the SMACAR app takes us a step closer to our vision of offering context-aware, connected, engaging and insightful mobile solutions and providing products and services that are affordable and accessible to Individuals, SMB’s and Enterprises.”

SMACAR Solutions plans to work with business and brands across all verticals and help them to leverage the potential of AR via the SMACAR app to build rich engaging customer experiences at scale and spur their business growth.

About SMACAR Solutions:

SMACAR Solutions is a technology startup that specializes in cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and IoT. They are a one-stop shop for AR based solutions. With their major focus on AR, SMACAR Solutions offers enterprise solutions by combining AR with Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud based solutions.

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