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First of Its Kind Women Achievers

Indian women are all about defying stereotypes in a male-dominated society. No matter the field, our women have surpassed men in all walks of life and continue to do so. Below are few women achievers who are the first in their respective fields and had to face many hurdles to reach that position.

Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi

Married at a young age of 9 to a person thrice her age, Anandibhai Gopalrao Joshi went on to become India’s first lady doctor and the first Indian woman to have studied medicine in an American university. This was at a time when women were confined to homes, devoting their lives to household chores and education was a distant dream. With a little persuasion from her liberal husband, Anandibhai could achieve what no woman of her time even dared to dream and stood as an inspiration to many.

Roshini Sharma

Defying all stereotypes against women in India, a young woman from a small town in Uttar Pradesh set out on a solo journey from Kanyakumari to Leh on a bike becoming the first ever Indian woman biker to achieve this feat. Covering about 5000 kilometers in her whole journey, Roshini set out to prove that women have the capacity to do anything and thereby setting an example to other women to dream big and to put up a fight to achieve it.

Shila Dawre

Social setting, patriarchy, venturing into the male-dominated sphere and poverty are the challenges that Shila Dawre had to overcome to become the first Indian woman auto-driver in the late 1980s. Her passion for driving and determination didn’t let her spirits down as and when she faced new challenges in achieving her dream and helped to create a name for herself in the Limca Book of World Records.

Sarla Thakral

A saree clad woman operated a Gypsy Moth Solo, an aircraft in 1936. That is how Sarla Thakral made a name for herself by becoming the first woman in Indian history to fly an aircraft. Though married at a young age of 16, luckily for her, she married into a progressive family. Encouraged by her husband and family members, she mustered the courage to learn to fly an aircraft thus carving a name for herself.
From being the first lady doctor to riding a bike across the length and breadth of the country to being the first woman to ride an aircraft or to challenge the khaki-clad men in riding auto-rickshaws, these women have bravely fought the odds to achieve what they believed in.

Free Augmented Reality Wishes for International Women’s Day 2019

We at SMACAR, salute these women achievers and to all the incredible women out there in India and the world, we commend you! On this year’s Women’s Day, pay tribute to the women in your life by creating and sending personalized wishes through Augmented Reality, one of the cutting edge technologies in today’s world.

Follow these simple steps to create your own AR experiences and share it with your loved ones:

1.   Download the SMACAR app from the Play store or App store.
2.   Create an account in SMACAR Studio and login to SMACAR Studio
3.   Upload a marker image to the studio.
4.   Link output to the marker which can be digital assets such as links, video or audio
5.   Finally click on the publish button.
6.   Share the marker in your social media profiles.
7.   Anyone who scans the marker using the SMACAR app will be able to view your Women’s Day wishes.

What’s stopping you? This Women’s Day, surprise the women in your life with AR incorporated wishes using SMACAR app and easy-to-use DIY AR studio and make it a memorable day for them to cherish for long.


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