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Happy Children’s Day!

Scan the image below or new 10 Rupees note and see the hidden fun! Make learning fun for kids using Augmented Reality. This Children’s Day, introduce the world of Augmented Reality to your tech-savvy kids.

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Augmented reality (AR) has become a buzz word these days thanks to Pokemon Go game and Snapchat filters. But what is AR? What can it do? AR is all about enhancing our real-world, the environment around us with digital content and presenting it in a way which makes it easily accessible and more useful. When you combine AR with the education sector, it is bound to create magical experiences for everyone involved and creates scenarios that enhance the learning environment which is otherwise unthinkable.

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Augmented reality classrooms are going to be the future of education. The capabilities of AR can be leveraged to create the fun learning experiences for students. And for teachers, they can use this technology to engage the whole class. Create interactive learning experiences with our free augmented reality app, SMACAR and make classrooms more engaging and transformational. Read to find out more:

Practical Learning Experiences

Imparting knowledge through practical learning experiences is the approach every school seems to adopt nowadays. AR is going to further enhance the practical learning experiences for students and gives new tools for teachers to impart knowledge and keep the whole class engaged. In the last couple of years, many schools have started using the flashcards as they help students learn new topics quickly. Though traditional flashcards are associated with young learners. Augmented reality flashcards can be an effective tool not just for young learners but even to college students. Through SMACAR app which is the best augmented reality app for education, you can make your own augmented reality flashcards to create engaging and memorable learning experiences for learners across all age groups.


Doing homework can be stressful for kids if they have a tough time recalling what they learned in the class. Augmented reality can help kids do their homework with ease. Scan the image or a table in the textbook with SMACAR app, video of the teacher explaining the specific topic or instructions on how to do the homework will pop up. At the time of exams, the students can also revise chapters by scanning an image related to each chapter and this can aid in their exam preparations.

Online Education

E-learning or online learning is the preferred mode of higher education. Online learning involves a lot of PDFs and backup presentations. Augmented reality can make them more engaging. You can create markers for the assignment section using the free augmented reality app, SMACAR which when scanned displays a list of instructions with the required guidance on specific areas of the subject.

For Faculty

The reputation of the school/college is the deciding factor that helps to bring in more admissions. SMACAR, the best augmented reality app can help the institutions build a brand image for themselves. When a parent or a prospective student scans the Institution’s logo using the SMACAR app, a video pops up highlighting the USP and vision of the institution. The schools or colleges can also introduce their faculty through SMACAR app at the time of admissions. Just by scanning the image of the faculty on the notice board or on the prospectus, complete augmented CV or a video of the person talking about themselves may pop up. You can even take the parents and prospective students on a virtual tour of the campus highlighting your institution’s infrastructure with 3D Augmented reality app, SMACAR. This will give the institutions an edge over their competitors and eventually will bring in more admissions.

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