Augmented Reality Manufacturing
Augmented Reality to Revolutionize Manufacturing Industry
The development of both software and hardware for augmented reality (AR) has enabled for its adoption across various verticals particularly
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Augmented Reality warfare
Augmented Reality for Warfare
Augmented reality (AR) is set to bring a sea change to the battlefield. Whether your Pokemon is waging a battle
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Augmented Reality Real Estate
Augmented Reality Uses in Construction & Architecture
Augmented reality (AR) is a technology through which you can superimpose digital content onto a user’s view of the real
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Augmented Reality healthcare
Augmented Reality for Healthcare
Augmented reality (AR) enhances your view of the real world by overlaying and displaying digital content. Apart from marketing and
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Augmented Reality History
History of Augmented Reality
Augmented reality as a technology has boomed into colossal proportions and evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry from being a
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Augmented Reality FAQ SMACAR
1.What is SMACAR? SMACAR is a cloud based augmented reality application which is available in both Android and iOS platforms.
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ARkit Apple Augmented Reality
Discover the magic of ARkit
On June 5th, 2017 at WWDC ’17, Apple announced its amazing Augmented Reality framework and became the world’s largest AR
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AR games Bangalore
Unleashing the mind with Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality is a technology which incorporates virtual objects into the real world and in the process unleashing countless opportunities.
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Data Analysis Chennai
Augmented Reality: Analytics in Augmented Reality
Analytics is a word thrown about all over the place today, with good reason. As a sports fan, it’s become
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Augmented Reality for business
Augmented Reality – What Type of Augmented Reality Is Right for Me (and my business)?
Augmented Reality (AR) is an emerging technology that holds promise to change how people interact with the world around them. 
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Best Augmented reality games
Augmented Reality in Events..Get Ready to Take Off on an Augmented Experience
Do you want to enjoy a music concert in the middle of the day during office hours? Or would you
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Augmented Reality app iphone
Augmented Reality – A New Combatant Enters the Fray
At the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017, Apple launched new products, evolutions on existing platforms, and announced a push
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Augmented Reality applications
Augmented Reality in Retail–Enigma paves way for Excitement
Finally, Krish and Anamika have decided to settle down in India after two decades of working life in US. Their
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vuforia sdk Augmented reality
Industrial application of Augmented Reality and Vuforia
Augmented reality (AR) which has been vehemently used in gaming to a great extent is now increasingly finding its way
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2 Reasons why Augmented Reality will be a game changer in Marketing
Imagine how great it will be to virtually see which sunglass is a perfect fit to your face even without
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SMACAR education
Augmented Reality in Education Immense potential ahead
Those who are familiar with Harry Potter movies can easily visualize a scenario where school hallways are stuck with paintings
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Augmented Reality

Learn more about the Marketshare of Augmented Reality, The challenges of AR, Opportunities of Augmented Reality and how we proceed as we go in the future.

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Our Team has created A book for growing your business from Scratch and the stuff that you have to evaluate to help grow your startup. It involves detailed sections on Business Development, Chatbots, each topic of Digital Marketing and how to create a company that gets a constant stream of leads.

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