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SMACAR Solutions What makes us?
Why work in a startup? It is a question that is asked by many. The answer is something more visceral
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Locating the obvious The need? In the Android version, The client wanted a mobile/web application that helps the user to
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Augmented Reality examples
The State of the Market for Augmented Reality (AR) in India
Augmented reality (AR) as a technology has been around for a long time and it essentially overlays the digital assets
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Valentine Day Augmented Reality
Valentine day Marker 1
Discover yourself this Valentine’s day answer this questions and learn more about your personality.   HOW TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS?
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Use Augmented Reality to Woo your Customers this Valentine’s Day
  Customer acquisition and retention is a challenge that every business, small or big has to overcome. So far, if
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Know the history of Valentine and rejoice the festival of love
This Valentine’s day, let us look back at the history of the day that symbolizes love. Valentine’s day has come
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mahatma-gandhi - Augmented Reality
Use Augmented Reality to paint the picture of our Historical past this Republic day
Use Augmented Reality to paint the picture of our historical past this Republic Day Republic Day is all about patriotism.
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Tick your New Year Resolutions using Augmented Reality
As January comes to a close, we are filled with a fresh set of resolutions yet again. Making the resolutions
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Augmented Reality Pongal
Celebrate Pongal with Gusto
Pongal is a festival of harvest dedicated to Sun God and is celebrated for four days across South India. Each
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Augmented Reality history
The Past, The Present and The Future of Augmented Reality
Augmented reality (AR) is the technology that enhances the user’s perception of the real world by integrating digital content into
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Augmented reality christmas
Celebrate Christmas with Augmented Reality
The festive season is here. The most awaited festival that brings families together is in a few days. It is
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Augmented Reality Manufacturing
Augmented Reality to Revolutionize Manufacturing Industry
The development of both software and hardware for augmented reality (AR) has enabled for its adoption across various verticals particularly
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Augmented Reality warfare
Augmented Reality for Warfare
Augmented reality (AR) is set to bring a sea change to the battlefield. Whether your Pokemon is waging a battle
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Augmented Reality Real Estate
Augmented Reality Uses in Construction & Architecture
Augmented reality (AR) is a technology through which you can superimpose digital content onto a user’s view of the real
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Augmented Reality healthcare
Augmented Reality for Healthcare
Augmented reality (AR) enhances your view of the real world by overlaying and displaying digital content. Apart from marketing and
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Augmented Reality History
History of Augmented Reality
Augmented reality as a technology has boomed into colossal proportions and evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry from being a
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SMACAR with its content team produces E-books on different issues related to Augmented Reality, Digital marketing and other Technologies.

Here are the books that you can download from SMACAR

Augmented Reality

Learn more about the Marketshare of Augmented Reality, The challenges of AR, Opportunities of Augmented Reality and how we proceed as we go in the future.

Download the Augmented Reality book

Growth Hacking

Our Team has created A book for growing your business from Scratch and the stuff that you have to evaluate to help grow your startup. It involves detailed sections on Business Development, Chatbots, each topic of Digital Marketing and how to create a company that gets a constant stream of leads.

Download the Growth hacking book


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