Understanding Artificial Intelligence
Understanding Artificial Intelligence
The definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed over the years but what has remained constant is the core idea
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Blockchain technology
Decoding Blockchain Technology
Generally, blockchain is associated with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. But it has more to it than just being the facilitator
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IoT applications in agriculture
Internet of Things (IoT) Applications in Agriculture
By the year 2050, the global population is set to touch 9.6 billion. With such a huge population, one major
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Convergence of AI and Cloud Computing
Convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing
The convergence of AI and cloud computing is going to be a symbiotic relationship, which will be mutually beneficial to
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Pros and Cons of IoT
Pros and Cons of Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT is a complex system of interconnected devices that are tagged and has the ability to transfer information over a
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Augmented Reality Driven Movie Promotions
Redefining Entertainment with Augmented Reality
Movies are the biggest contributors to the entertainment industry. The competition is fierce given the number of movies that release
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Understanding IoT
For many years, Internet of Things A.K.A IoT is making a lot of noise. This technology is not going to
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Augmented Reality in Real Estate
Augmented Reality to Revolutionize the Future of Real Estate
Many real estate projects are popping up everywhere in cities. It is increasingly becoming difficult for investors and developers to
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Bose's AR Glasses
Bose’s AR Glasses Adds a New Dimension to Augmented Reality
When one thinks of Augmented Reality, digital image/video overlays that enhance one’s perception of the real-world comes to mind. But
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SMACAR tech blog - Augmented Reality Manufacturing
How Viable is Augmented Reality in Manufacturing?
Augmented reality (AR) has found many applications in several contexts within several sectors right from retail and real-estate to manufacturing.
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Augmented Reality marker Holi
Augmented Reality for Events
In 2017, augmented reality has emerged as one of the hottest trends in event tech. Brands have utilized this disruptive
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Augmented Reality marker women day
SMACAR salutes Women Achievers
First of Its Kind Women Achievers Indian women are all about defying stereotypes in a male-dominated society. No matter the
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Augmented Reality marker Holi
Holi quiz
Holi signifies the triumph of love over evil. Here, at SMACAR we create fun contests during festivals to celebrate the
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Augmented Reality festival
Holi signifies the triumph of love over evil. Here, at SMACAR we create fun contests during festivals to celebrate the
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SMACAR with its content team produces E-books on different issues related to Augmented Reality, Digital marketing and other Technologies.

Here are the books that you can download from SMACAR

Augmented Reality

Learn more about the Marketshare of Augmented Reality, The challenges of AR, Opportunities of Augmented Reality and how we proceed as we go in the future.

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Growth Hacking

Our Team has created A book for growing your business from Scratch and the stuff that you have to evaluate to help grow your startup. It involves detailed sections on Business Development, Chatbots, each topic of Digital Marketing and how to create a company that gets a constant stream of leads.

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risa banquets
Augmented Reality Case Study for RISA Banquet Hall
About the RISA Banquets RISA Banquets is one of the finest luxury banquets in Chennai with state-of-the-art facilities. Located at the scenic
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SMACAR Solutions Launches Its First Versatile Augmented Reality App
SMACAR Solutions New Augmented Reality App Enables Business and Brands to Engage Customers with Immersive AR Experiences. Chennai, India. –
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