Augmented Reality in Advertising
Augmented Reality has started making inroads into the mainstream and has found many use cases across industries. This immersive technology
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AR in printing-Smacar_Solutions
Augmented Reality for Print Industry
Bridge the gap between print and digital worlds using augmented reality. You may already be aware of augmented reality thanks
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Image Recognition
Viewing an object comes naturally to us and doesn’t require much effort from us to differentiate between objects, recognize a
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Impact of Augmented Reality on SEO
If you have ever played the Pokémon Go game or have used snapchat filters, then you have experienced Augmented Reality.
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Iot & AR_smacar-100
Augmented Reality and IoT – A Match Made in Heaven
Internet of Things (IoT) is all about making the world around us smarter. It is about gathering information through a
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AR lab-100
Practical Lab Sessions with Augmented Reality – AR Lab
In recent years, the emergence of new technological innovations has started to impact every sphere of our lives. Of all
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VR/AR Global Summit in Vancouver
VR/AR Global Summit in Vancouver brought together the leaders in the AR/VR/MR space from around the world to discuss the
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SMACAR Plans to Integrate Blockchain to the Rewards Program for an Advertising Client
When cryptocurrencies were first introduced, many couldn’t grasp the concept as they were way ahead of their time. It has
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ar in sports
Amazing Uses of Augmented Reality in Sports
Augmented reality is a technology where the real-world view is supplemented with computer-generated digital content such as images, videos or
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How data-driven coaching helped Angelique Kerber to latest crown
At the end of 2017, when Angelique Kerber hired Wim Fissette, she was curious to know what they were going
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conevergence of AR and Blockchain
Convergence of Augmented Reality and Blockchain
One question that should have got you thinking is how can a decentralized online ledger that works based on algorithms
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Gun control
Gun Control marker
Steps to scan the marker: Download SMACAR app from Playstore/Appstore. Enter the app and Scan the image using your portable device.
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Google's Federated Learning
Federated Learning: A Step Towards Decentralized AI
The goal of artificial intelligence is to replace the algorithms programmed explicitly by humans with self-learning algorithms. The algorithms undergo
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SMACAR tech quiz
Technology quiz
Steps to scan the marker: Download SMACAR app from Playstore/Appstore. Enter the app and Scan the image using your portable device.
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What do you need to know about Industry 4.0?
Industry 4.0 also known as Fourth Industrial Revolution involves the combination of the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced manufacturing
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SMACAR with its content team produces E-books on different issues related to Augmented Reality, Digital marketing and other Technologies.

Here are the books that you can download from SMACAR

Augmented Reality

Learn more about the Marketshare of Augmented Reality, The challenges of AR, Opportunities of Augmented Reality and how we proceed as we go in the future.

Download the Augmented Reality book

Growth Hacking

Our Team has created A book for growing your business from Scratch and the stuff that you have to evaluate to help grow your startup. It involves detailed sections on Business Development, Chatbots, each topic of Digital Marketing and how to create a company that gets a constant stream of leads.

Download the Growth hacking book


Augmented Reality Case Study for Industrial Sector
The Client Client is a global leader in the telecommunications and electronics industries and a pioneer in driving innovation through
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Augmented Reality Case Study for Print Industry
The Client The client is a successful commercial printing company offering printing services for various businesses. They print a variety
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Augmented Reality Case Study for Book Publishing Industry
The Client The client is one of the leading academic publishers based out of Mumbai. With the aim to provide
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Augmented Reality Case Study for Real Estate
The Client The client is one of the leading builders of residential properties in Chennai. With their innovative architecture and
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foodpath spin2win
Augmented Reality Case Study for Restaurants
ABOUT THE FOODPATH FoodPath is a multi-cuisine restaurant located in Mumbai, on the Agra National Highway. It offers purely vegetarian
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waris time
Augmented Reality Case Study for Newspaper
The Client The client is a leading weekly newspaper agency in Malaysia giving young readers unrivaled access to international, national
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Virtual Reality Case Study for Museum
SMACAR Solutions developed a virtual reality app for a museum in Chennai. The museum takes us to the era of
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AR Lab
Augmented Reality Case Study for Education
Augmented Reality SMACAR Solutions developed an augmented reality app for a university in the US with a host of community
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Augmented Reality Case Study for Gurucool
The Client Gurucool is an online retailer that sells games and activity kits for children. Through the board games, cards and
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SMACAR Solutions Attended Tamil Nadu’s Largest Entrepreneurship Conference Held in Chennai.
The company’s representatives showcased SMACAR’s products and services to over 1000 entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, investors and industry veterans at the
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History Comes Alive with SMACAR
SMACAR Solutions partnered with Madras Museum to integrate Augmented Reality to bring their Bronze Statue Hall to life. Chennai, India,
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Make Your Wedding Cards Come Alive with SMACAR
SMACAR Solutions inked a deal with a designer wedding cards company to provide personalized wedding experiences using augmented reality (AR).
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SMACAR Solutions Designs and Develops an Augmented Reality App for an Online Retail Store that Deals with Children Based Games
Chennai, India. – November 26th, 2017 – SMACAR Solutions developed an AR integrated android app for a client who owns
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SMACAR Solutions Completes Augmented Reality Project for a Leading Banquet Hall in Chennai
Chennai, India. – November 26th, 2017 – SMACAR Solutions successfully implemented an AR project for a client who owns a
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SMACAR CEO Sreehari Unnikrishnan Showcases the Power of Augmented Reality at the TiECON Event in Chennai.
SMACAR Solutions hosted an AR Stall at the TiECON Event to Display its Products and Bring Awareness About the Cutting-Edge
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SMACAR Solutions Developed and Successfully Delivered a Business Promotion Mobile App for a Startup in New Jersey.
Chennai, India. – November 26th, 2017 – SMACAR Solutions developed a mobile app that works on both iOS and Android
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SMACAR Solutions Attended the Global Industrial Leaders’ Summit Held in Chicago.
The company’s representatives offered valuable insights into augmented reality to the top leaders of the industrial sector attending the GILS
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SMACAR Solutions Announces Move to a New Office to Accommodate Team Expansion
  Chennai, India. – September 14th, 2017 – SMACAR Solutions, the startup that specializes in providing augmented reality solutions to
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Announcing SMACAR Studio – Web Based DIY Augmented Reality Tool
SMACAR Solutions Launches a New Augmented Reality Tool That Allows Users to Create, Publish and Track Augmented Reality Experiences. Chennai,
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