Pros and Cons of Internet of Things (IoT)

Pros and Cons of IoT

Pros and Cons of IoT

IoT is a complex system of interconnected devices that are tagged and has the ability to transfer information over a network with a wireless infrastructure. This technology has been around for a while transforming the way we live. It is expected to grow and expand as more and more devices become connected to the internet that paves the way for more innovative solutions and products for a better tomorrow.
Below are some examples of how IoT is transforming our lives – With the aid of a smartphone or computer screen, you can :

  • remotely turn on your oven and set time for the food to get cooked
  • start your washing machine or dishwasher,
  • turn on your room heater or AC to your desired setting
  • access your refrigerator to check its content. Meal planning and shopping for grocery couldn’t be easier.

As with other technologies, Internet of Things also has certain pros and cons.
You don’t have to be present physically to control the smart household appliances when these smart devices can pretty much operate on their own. As the once dumb physical devices become smart, connect and interact with each other and the surroundings with a wireless infrastructure, little to no human intervention is required and you can concentrate on other important things. Automation and control have led to greater efficiency as a result of the faster machine to machine communication and uniformity in tasks.
Cost Savings
There is a myriad of ways in which both individuals and businesses can benefit from the cost and energy saving ways of IoT. Sensors present in the IoT devices help to program and control them in a cost-effective manner and also enhances their efficiency. For instance, IoT devices help to automate processes to turn off lights when not in use or turn off water heaters when there is no need of hot water supply.
IoT allows machine to machine communication (M2M) and serves as a platform for devices to communicate with each other. This intercommunication will lessen wasteful aspects and increases efficiency.
Instant Access to Data
Having instant access to data can simplify the decision-making process and makes your life easier to manage.
Privacy and Security
One of the top challenges facing IoT is privacy and security. Both personal and private information is under threat with more and more data being shared among the connected devices which are all connected to the internet. It will be disastrous if this data falls into the hands of hackers which can give rise to new security threats.
There are so many companies coming up with their own products, platforms, and technologies, having all the devices communicate with each other is an uphill task. There have to be common international standards for compatibility for the devices of different make and from different manufacturers to communicate with one another. Right now, no such standards exist at the macro level of IoT.
IoT is a robust network of complex systems. This gives rise to a situation where a single issue in either the software or the hardware can create havoc in your daily lives. For instance, your refrigerator notifying you and your spouse at the same time about the lack of a particular grocery item and both of you may end up buying the same item or it could be a bug which shows that a particular item is always low in quantity, sending you daily notifications.
Fewer Jobs
Advancements in IoT will lead to automation of many processes and this may cost the unskilled workers and helpers their jobs leading to unemployment.
Technology Dependent Life
The advent of the internet and the launch of many social media channels has led to less human interaction. With the growth and expansion of IoT, the gap will become wider and we may lose our basic skills of human interaction. Another concern is the technology addiction of younger generation as is evident with the already prevailing smartphones. IoT will make the younger generation even more dependent on technology even for carrying out simple errands like fetching milk or groceries leading to a lethargic lifestyle.
With advancements in technology, the challenges plaguing IoT can be overcome leading to a wider adoption. IoT has already become a vital part of our lives without us even realizing it and will continue to do so making our lives easier and more efficient.
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