Redefining Entertainment with Augmented Reality

Those who are familiar with Harry Potter movies can easily visualize a scenario where school hallways are stuck with paintings and images which come alive and interactive. Envisage crafting a similar atmosphere for kids in the school and how much they will enjoy it. Yes! Learning is going to be more of fun, lively and interactive. Augmented Reality (AR) lets educationalists and school children to do just that: unravel or build digital information layers on top of the static objects and images that can be seen through an Android or iOS device using smart phone or a tablet.


Production houses spend millions of dollars on advertising and promotions of a movie. How creative you can get in terms of promoting a movie can decide the fate of any movie and the possibility of it entering the million-dollar club. In recent years, a lot of technologies have emerged. Among them, augmented reality is one that could be a powerful tool towards promoting a movie in a way that would immediately spark curiosity and interest of movie goers.

Augmented Reality Driven Movie Promotions

With SMACAR, the best augmented reality app, you can create immersive experiences for movie enthusiasts to entice them to the theaters. You can make the movie trailers interactive and create immersive experiences for the audience by letting them interact with their favorite movie character using SMACAR app

You can give a boost to your movie promotions with the help of SMACAR, the free augmented reality app. When people scan the markers which are made available online, in malls & retail outlets and print ads through the app, the movie’s trailer will play or an actor from the movie will pop up talking about the interesting aspects of the movie.

You can create interactive experiences for the audience by allowing them to click a selfie with their favorite movie character and encourage them to share it on social media channels. This immersive experience can lead to engagement thereby aiding in movie promotions.

Collaborating with brands such as Coke, Pepsi, McDonald seems to be the in thing right now as far as movie promotions are considered. Markers related to the movie can be printed on Coke or Pepsi cans. These when scanned using SMACAR, the free augmented reality app, will bring to life one of the characters from the movie. Limited edition merchandise related to movies are also released into market nowadays as part of movie promotions. These can also include markers which again when scanned with SMACAR app can result in interactive experiences for the audience.

SMACAR is a versatile augmented reality app that can immensely benefit various sectors, such as entertainment, education, real-estate and retail, among many others. It is a template based app that can display information in multiple predefined digital content formats such as text, video, audio, 2D/3D graphics, and animations depending on the context of the target scanned by the user. To know more about SMACAR app, drop a message and we will be more than happy answering your queries.

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