How Viable is Augmented Reality in Manufacturing?

Augmented reality (AR) has found many applications in several contexts within several sectors right from retail and real-estate to manufacturing. It is in the manufacturing sector, where augmented reality has scope to offer immense benefits. It can aid in every process of the manufacturing industry such as in complex assembly process, maintenance & repair, and quality control. SMACAR app, a versatile augmented reality app can be used to improve manufacturing processes thereby enhancing product quality and reducing production time.


Assists in Complex Assembly

Assembly processes are complex and time taking. By looking at the complex instruction manual and putting together sometimes hundreds or thousands of components in a correct order can be exhausting and tiresome. SMACAR the best augmented reality app can be very useful for the assembly processes. Scanning the components through the app will display a list of instructions or previous videos of the assembly task making it easier for the assembly line worker than having to go through the static documents like PDF with complex technical drawings.

Cut Down on Maintenance Time

Another area of manufacturing industry where SMACAR app is useful is in the maintenance of the manufacturing equipment. Again looking at a maintenance manual which is a static document and identifying the maintenance target is time-consuming and tiring for the maintenance worker. The worker can identify the equipment status by simply scanning it through the SMACAR app and comparing it with the 3D models from the suppliers thus aiding in error detection. Also, a video may pop up explaining how the equipment can be repaired.

Quality Control Made Easier

SMACAR app also assists in quality control processes. While inspecting the equipment, a video will pop up explaining the step by step procedure of conducting the QC process. The app can be used to view the images of the assembly components obtained from the company’s suppliers as 3D models which makes the process of identifying the ones that are out of specification easier. This helps to reduce the inspection time significantly.

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