Internet of Things or IoT is a network of connected devices with sensors that gather and exchange data with each other. The data coming from the connected devices provide enhanced visibility and analytics which the businesses can leverage to make the best decisions at the right time. IoT apps help businesses to increase their proficiency, streamline processes, offer the best service to their customers and explore potential market for business expansion.

IoT App Development with SMACAR Solutions

We at SMACAR Solutions develop scalable IoT apps that allow you to control your connected devices. Our goal is to offer hi-end IOT app development services tailored to your needs. Our USP is to integrate myriad algorithms that help to serve the purpose of making your IOT app infinitely better with very low latency problems. By leveraging our affordable IoT app development services, businesses can improve their efficiency, productivity, and product.

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Internet of Things App Development

A Multi-Faceted Team

Our IoT app development team is well versed in a wide spectrum of technologies such as Android/iOS, Raspberry/Arduino, Vuforia, ThingWorx Studio and Python Scripting for GPIO. Our team is adept at integrating multiple sensors, BLE devices, and connectors that can effectively enhance your product. We also have our team of analysts who can use Machine language to predict patterns and collect data from the users to help them get better services.



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