Towards a Smart Factory with Industry 4.0

Research indicates that most manufacturers consider Industry 4.0 as a huge opportunity. About 62% of them are planning to invest in Industry 4.0 and 23% have already invested, leaving just 15% believing that it is not important for them.

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 refers to a new phase in the manufacturing industry with a heavy focus on automation, interconnectivity and real-time data.

  • It involves the use of Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cognitive Computing, and cyber-physical systems to achieve the goal of a smart factory.
  • It combines physical operations and production with machine learning, smart digital technology, and Big Data to create a connected ecosystem for companies with a focus on manufacturing and supply chain management.


Use intelligence and technology to drive the manufacturing industry forward through flexibility, efficiency and being more customer-centric. To achieve automation and optimization that lets you discover new business models by integrating cutting-edge technologies.

Industry 4.0 – Technology Pillars

Big Data and Analytics

Big Data plays a key role in Industry 4.0 in the following ways:

  • It helps companies to enhance operations and equips them to make intelligent decisions quickly.
  • It helps to format, manipulate, store and analyse the captured data from various sources which in turn provides companies with useful insights to enhance operations, increase their customer base and increase ROI
Internet of Things

IoT allows for communication between objects and machines such as sensors and mobile devices as well as with human beings to come up with solutions. It helps to generate large volumes of data from which insights can be derived to improve the efficacy and productivity of the industrial processes.

Cloud Computing

It provides a means to deliver technology using internet servers to the consumers for processing and data storage with the client system using the data. Cloud computing is a critical enabler of Industry 4.0 offering enterprises to quickly complete the digital transformation process.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity aids in the protection of Internet-connected systems which includes software, hardware, and data from cyber-attacks. Secure and vigilant cybersecurity strategies help to manage risks in the age of connected production.

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing helps to stimulate the human thought process in machines to identify complex situations which involve answers that may be uncertain & ambiguous. It helps to derive actionable insights across the entire value chain that help to drive improvements in productivity, quality, reliability, and efficiency of the manufacturing environment.

What are its benefits for manufacturing industry?

Adoption of Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing industry comes with a long list of benefits. It helps the manufacturers overcome the challenges by making them more flexible, consumer centric and innovative.

Reduces time to



customer service

Automation of
regulatory compliance

Role of Augmented Reality in Industry 4.0

Augmented Reality will be to Industry 4.0 / IOT revolution, what the browser has been to the Internet revolution; A powerful tool to visualize and make vast amounts of data accessible and actionable in an interactive and engaging way.

Augmented Reality offers the following advantages for Industry 4.0.

Relevant information in real time helps to improve efficiency and productivity

Enhances training & learning for new recruits while reducing the costs and risks involved

Real-time assistance from an expert virtually without the need for the person to be physically present.

Simplifies the complex inspection task through a direct comparison between an ideal object and a real object.

A virtual guide helps technicians identify a problem in a part of the machinery.

What SMACAR offers?

SMACAR develops scalable solutions that help to modernize factories, optimize processes and increase efficiency. We have a highly skilled team of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence engineers and Cloud solution architects who will help you find the right solution.

SMACAR Solutions helps you implement Industry 4.0 in the following ways:

  • Harness smart technologies to help customers achieve increased productivity and reduced costs while driving ROI.
  • Our IoT solutions help to connect people, machines, the flow of goods and processes leading to fast integration and flexible configuration.
  • Using visual technologies such as AR & VR, we help our clients keep track of manufacturing processes, production flows and resource training allowing for real-time analysis of manufacturing and logistics data.
  • Enhances the efficiency of the production process through the integration of cloud computing.
  • Leverage AR & VR for real-time analysis of manufacturing & logistics data.
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