How can your business stand out in this knowledge era?

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Humans have always been the pioneers and the most dominant species in the planet. The technological advances we have made in the past century have been stupendous and there is a clear pattern that has emerged. We use tools to make our lives simpler. Machines are a testament to that fact. Computers are increasingly playing a vital role in the knowledge era we are in. Be it search engines that are attuned to the human needs or Automated self-driving cars, things are not the same anymore.
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So what does it mean to all of us?

As a Consumer, our choices have widened and our user experience has enhanced greatly. This has prompted product owners to constantly innovate and collect data to customize to the user. Be it viewing similar videos on Youtube or getting tailored content on our Facebook feed, Data has become the king in this era. So does it mean big corporations would dominate the competition?
Well, not exactly. Whilst big corporations do have an unfair advantage, it is not a bed of roses for them either. To stand out in this era, companies need to adopt a slew of strategies to survive. In this article, we will be discussing the “Human component” that need to be present in growth strategies.

What is common amongst the most successful companies?

Business Marketing SMACAR
Identity. Yes, to make a company great it needs to have a personality. Even boring companies like Microsoft and Oracle have founders whose soft power is far beyond their financial strength. As much as a product fit is important for customers to buy a product, it needs to be associated with emotions to make it great. Products that sell like hot cakes and is used as a status symbol like Iphones, Lamborghini, Armani suits are what they are due to this fact.
So if you are a small company, you ought to make an impact in a niche segment or the early adopters in a broad segment for you to have a higher rate of success. As much as data is important, so is creativity and it is mandatory for companies to let their creative side out to appeal to the primal instincts of humans.

Sales is not the same anymore

As the world around us goes increasingly online, our attention spans are rapidly decreasing. But this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. With Digital Marketing you can create sales funnel by creating content that people want to read. Your digital identity could be the catalyst to drive you a stream of leads regularly.
Whilst traditional sales roles are essential for the human touch, they are being automated to reduce labour cost and increase efficiency. It is time you create a digital presence that speaks thousands of words about your brand to the whole word. With tons of awesome content, your digital presence could be the revamp your brand needs in this hour.

SMAC – Bringing Creativity and analytics together

At SMACAR, we let the creativity combine with analytics to bring results. As the world is undergoing a gigantic mobile revolution, it is essential to create a digital presence across different mediums. Be it creating Augmented Reality experiences that help your business stand out or have an analytics dashboard that lets you track your ads, SMACAR brings you the best of the worlds.
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