History Comes Alive with SMACAR

SMACAR Solutions partnered with Madras Museum to integrate Augmented Reality to bring their Bronze Statue Hall to life.

Chennai, India, May 1, 2018 – SMACAR Solutions’ collaboration with the Madras Museum allows the visitors to explore the artifacts of historical importance in new and engaging ways. Augmented reality as a cutting-edge technology offers new ways of designing and enhancing the public’s experience when visiting museums. It provides unprecedented ways to combine 3D visualization with objects and materials of historical importance displayed in the museum.

Museums are important in a society as they collect and preserve objects and materials of historical significance. Museum’s responsibility is to take the history of a region and present it in a contemporary setting so that it can give knowledge and excitement to the public in knowing their past.

The CEO of SMACAR Solutions says, “Most of the museums follow a conservative style of displaying their exhibits. With changing times, a modern approach has to be explored by museums to connect with the public. Right now, augmented reality, the technology that can add digital content on top of real-world environment gives the museums an ability to provide heightened experiences to the visitors and new ways to understand their past through the exhibits displayed in the museum.”

Visitors can use the SMACAR app to have the augmented reality experiences that aid them in better understanding the history of Chennai. Through the app, the visitors can interact and learn more about the displayed artifacts. Some of the artifacts trigger 3D model visualization while others display informative video content related to the artifact. The visitors also can take a selfie with the artifacts and share on the social media channels.

About Madras Museum:

Madras Museum is also known as Government Museum and is located on the Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai. It is the second oldest museum in India which was started in 1851. It is a museum of human history and culture, particularly rich in archaeological and numismatic collections.


SMACAR Solutions is a technology provider, headquartered in the US with operations from Chennai, India. They are a one-stop shop for AR based solutions and provide AR services in the field of Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud.

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