What do you need to know about Google’s ARCore?



ARCore is Google’s software development kit for developers to build AUGMENTED REALITY APPLICATIONS that enhance the user’s view of the real world with images, videos, and animated 3D objects. ARCore uses different APIs to make the phone aware of its surroundings and interact with relevant information. ARCore works on a variety of Android devices that run on Android 7 and later.

Google launched ARCore in August 2017, a few days after Apple launched its very own SDK – ARKit. These tech giants have been heavily investing in Augmented Reality which has become more evident with the launch of ARKit by Apple and ARCore by Google.

How does ARCore work?

Google’s ARCore comes with three components:

  • Motion tracking for estimation of phone’s relative position with respect to its surroundings.
  • Environmental understanding which allows the phone to detect all types of surfaces such as horizontal, vertical & angular surfaces.
  • Light estimation to estimate the lighting conditions in the environment which helps to make the virtual content appear as real as possible.

Motion Tracking

ARCore’s motion tracking technology determines the position and orientation of the phone as it moves through space. How does it do that?

First, it uses the phone’s camera to detect the features and track how they change over time. Features are the interesting points which the ARCore detects in the image captured by the phone’s camera.  By combining these points with the info received from phone’s inertial sensors, ARCore tracks the position of the mobile device.

Environmental Understanding

In addition to detecting the feature points, Google’s ARCore can also detect horizontal and vertical surfaces such as tables and walls and makes the information available to the Augmented Reality app as planes. This helps the app to place the virtual objects over the real world.

Light Estimation

By analyzing the lighting in the environment, ARCore provides the developers with information that helps them to light up their virtual objects under the same conditions as that of the surroundings thereby making them appear more real.

ARCore with the help of these three components is accomplishing two things – detecting the position of the phone in the real world as it moves and allowing the phone to understand the surrounding around it and to interact with it.

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