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1.What is SMACAR?
SMACAR is a cloud based augmented reality application which is available in both Android and iOS platforms. You can download the same by clicking the below links
2.How does Smacar app work?
Smacar app is built on a Unity game engine technology and works on Vuforia platform for scanning the marker. The marker is nothing but the object which you will be scanning using the smacar app. Once you register and log in to Smacar Studio, you can upload images and videos to the database including the marker. Downloading smacar app and registering with Smacar studio is absolutely FREE.
3.How does an augmented reality application work?
Augmented Reality (AR) is a digital technology that overlays text, images, video, 2D/3D graphics and animations over physical objects or printed content. To make it simple, it’s a live straight or secondary view of a real-world situation whose features are “augmented” by computer-generated inputs as mentioned above.
4.What is the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?
Augmented Reality doesn’t replace the real world with a simulated one like virtual reality does; on the contrary, AR “supplements” the material on the nearby real world by making it interactive. Virtual reality closes the world out, whereas Augmented Reality allows individuals to be present.
5.What is the difference Cloud based Recognition and Device based recognition?
Cloud based recognition sends the data you scan to a server that will then analyse it and give relevant information based on it. Cloud is suitable for a game or an app that is too large Like Pokemon Go and uses a CDN to allow the device to access the cloud faster. A device based AR on the other hand, uses only the phone and not the internet to create Augmented simulations.
6.How to choose whether Cloud based or device based AR is suitable for my business?
There is no rule of thumb as such. But if your app occupies a larger space than usual, then you need to integrate it to the cloud. The user shouldn’t be hindered by the large app space when it is in the device. Also, there needs to be proper integration with cloud so that The user can effectively use the app.
7.What is the difference between marker based AR and marker-less AR?
Marker type AR uses a marker to trigger a response in the device when pointed at it. From Real estate to entertainment industry, Marker type can be used to create visual triggers to engage the audience better. Markerless AR on the other hand, uses Geo-location to create an environment that is similar to the real world.There are no Markers present. An example of this is the game “Pokemon Go” which used geolocation to create maps to find Pokemons.
8.How important is content creation in Augmented Reality space?
Content creation is the king of digital space. For an upcoming platform like Augmented Reality, content is vital for creating an impact. We help you create digital assets and give you tailored solutions based on the industry you are in. Be it creating educational assets for children or for the healthcare industry, Just tell us your needs and our technical team will get back to you.
9.What are the technologies in which AR platform works?
AR platform works on a range of technologies like Unity, Unreal Engine and Scenekit. There are different types of AR like marker type, markerless and beacon type AR. Depending on your needs, the type of AR can be decided to create the maximum impact for your organisation.
10.What is the future for marker based AR with the arrival of ARkit?
ARkit introduced by Apple help developers creates AR apps which will integrate digital experiences into the physical world. By being a major purveyor for AR, it will create a huge awareness of AR among the general purpose. Marker type AR is still going strong after the introduction and is expected to be used widely. Good news for Android users is that Google has come out with ARcore which will be able to support 100 million devices by the end of 2017.


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