Extended Reality – A New Window of Opportunity for Businesses



Extended Reality offers a whole new set of opportunities for businesses. The main factor for extended reality implementation in various sectors and business operations is that it helps to overcome distance barriers caused by remoteness.  Extended Reality technology allows brands to interact with their customers in innovative ways and connect with them more effectively. It helps to offer real-time data which enables people to collaborate virtually and also enhances the training of the newly joined recruits especially in sectors associated with potential risks.

What is Extended Reality?

Extended Reality is a technology that combines Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality into one medium. Virtual Reality immerses you in a virtual world whereas, with Augmented Reality, you can see the virtual objects in the real world. Mixed Reality merges both the real and virtual worlds allowing the physical and digital entities to coexist and interact.

Extended Reality consists of the core features of the immersive technologies (AR, VR & MR) and the areas interrelated between them. As per the extended reality definition, it combines real & virtual environments and allows for interactions between humans & machine.

Below are some of the unique benefits offered by Extended Reality for businesses:

Connecting Remote Employees

Extended Reality offers great potential for businesses to connect and collaborate with their remote employees easily and effectively. Certain fields that involve design and innovation requires remote team members to co-work simultaneously. The ability of extended reality to offer complex visual data in real-time helps remote team members to collaborate easily and make amends to design in real-time which helps to decrease costs significantly and save.

By enabling remote collaboration and providing real-time data, Extended Reality helps to connect the experts at the base with the field workers. This helps to overcome the unavailability of skilled workers and also to reduce the cost of transporting the experts to the field.

Immersive Experiences for Enhanced Sales

Extended Reality helps to bring brands and consumers together by delivering immersive experiences. Instead of visiting the physical stores, consumers can transport themselves to the virtual stores for browsing the products from the comfort of their homes and interact with virtual assistants. This helps to establish an emotional connection with the consumers leading to enhanced sales.

Enhanced Learning

Certain sectors such as defense, oil & gas industries, and emergency services require people to work in dangerous environments. People should have the required training and expertise to work in such environments as it involves potential risks. Extended Reality helps to stimulate the real environment which allows for training people to work in potentially dangerous environments without putting them at risk.

Extended Reality not just acts as a novel factor but can add real value to your business. Irrespective of the way it is used, extended reality offers a new way for companies to engage with people effectively.

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