Augmented Reality for Events

In 2017, augmented reality has emerged as one of the hottest trends in event tech. Brands have utilized this disruptive technology to differentiate themselves at trade shows and promotional events. Some of you may not have heard about this technology before. Are you wondering what augmented reality (AR) is? It is a technology that enhances the real-world by superimposing computer-generated content onto it in real time.

AR Opportunities for Brands During Events

Make your events more engaging with SMACAR, the best augmented reality app. SMACAR is an invaluable tool for events which helps companies to leverage the capabilities of augmented reality to make their promotional events or their participation in trade shows a success.

Make your Events Interactive and Engaging

Let’s say you are a business and you are not able to attract customer interest with email marketing campaign or through promotional mailing. Event marketing would be your go-to option. But the catch is many of your competitors have already conducted successful promotional events. If your events have to gain some traction, yours has to be unique and crowd-pulling than your competitors’. For that, you will have to implement out-of-the-box ideas that can surprise your customers in unimaginable ways. The SMACAR app can help you in this regard. Through SMACAR, you can plan and pull off successful marketing events by incorporating augmented reality into them.

As for the trade shows, you will have to vie with your competitors at the same event to pull the crowd. Use SMACAR app to add the interactive element to your stall/booth and attract the guests or delegates attending the event.

There is a myriad of ways by which companies can use SMACAR, the best augmented reality app for events, right from entertainment, customer engagement to creating awareness on their products and services. Companies can use this free augmented reality app to showcase their products in unique and quirky ways to grab the attention of the guests attending the events.

Bring your Products to Life

You can make away with dealing the cost and hassle of transporting actual equipment to the events every time. Instead, demonstrate your product using SMACAR app which is the best augmented reality app. You can bring your company brochures and product catalogs to life through the app.

Make your events more and more innovative by using augmented reality incorporated SMACAR app and easily achieve the goals of delighting your delegates or getting client’s attention or selling or gaining visibility which is the primary reason for conducting and/or attending the events.

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