Augmented Reality for Retail Sector

Augmented reality has been in use for more than a decade in a myriad of ways. But the masses have only lapped on it recently with the launch of Pokemon Go. What is augmented reality? It is a technology that augments digital assets such as images, video, text or graphics onto the real environment in real time. In the retail sector, augmented reality will play a transformative role and will have wide-scale applicability. Let’s find out how augmented reality can help the retailers improve the shopping experiences for their customers.

You are a retailer having either an online or offline store and having a tough time enticing customers to buy your products due to heavy competition in the market. There are many brands out there in the market offering the same range of products for lower prices and discounts. Even though you offer your products at the same price and at better quality but still have a tough time selling your products. It is time you start showcasing your products in innovative ways with the help of augmented reality. SMACAR, best augmented reality business app is best suited for people like you.

Immersive Shopping Experiences

With the help of the SMACAR app, businesses can showcase their products be it furniture, jewelry or homes to their customers in enticing ways which helps them to stay ahead of their competitors. If you are in the furniture business, you can leverage the capabilities of augmented reality through SMACAR, 3D augmented reality app to showcase your furniture in the form of 3D models. You can create virtual inventory of your products using SMACAR Studio and allow your customers to access your products inventory through SMACAR app. With the help of the app, they check out how a couch or sofa would look in their living room. They can also check whether the color of the couch or sofa matches with that of the home décor.

If you are in the jewelry business, your customers can experience your products by checking out how it looks on them before making a purchase. They can fully inspect the product they are considering to buy through SMACAR app, the free augmented reality app. By letting the customers experience your products, you are able to minimize the guesswork and are facilitating the path to purchase leading to higher sales. This empowers customers during the decision-making process and along with it also reduces future expenses for your business by minimizing returns.

Virtual Showrooms

If you are someone trying to venture into retail business and couldn’t come across a suitable place for your showroom, then augmented reality provides you with a cost-effective solution in the form of virtual showrooms that can overcome business overheads like real estate and additional manpower. SMACAR, the best augmented reality app can assist you in setting up your own virtual showrooms. These showrooms allow your customers to have an access to your inventory of products from the comfort of their homes and they can try different variations of the same product to choose the one that best suits them. This not only minimizes returns but, also the risk of damage to the products in the fitting room.

Not just facilitating innovative ways of showcasing products, creating virtual stores and immersive experiences for your customers, SMACAR app can also assist your business in marketing campaigns. With the help of this free augmented reality app, you can make your catalogs and brochures interactive thereby connecting offline marketing to your online showrooms. You can run innovative campaigns on all special occasions both offline and online. As part of your offline marketing strategy, you can bring your print ads to life with SMACAR app. And for your online marketing strategy, you can insert augmented reality into your posts and in showcasing your products on social media with the help of the app.

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