What to do during the examination

During the examination:

  • Heal the form and the spelling  : a scrambled copy does not give the corrector want to read you and will play against you. A copy full of spelling errors will most often be punished. Aerate your copy to the maximum and be as legible as possible (avoid asterisks, arrows or the Tipp-Ex excessively).
  • Do not hesitate to quote doctrinal references if you know them . But if you do not have one, do not invent them!
  • If you feel that you have been dealing with exactly the subject given during the year, or that you have made a subject close to it, pay close attention to the titles : there may be a small difference that changes completely the meaning of the question asked. Do not recite what you learned by heart, think about the subject (dissertation), the scope of the judgment (comment), find plagiarism free essay writers to check for plagiarism, additional questions that might arise (practical case) …
  • Remember that the introduction of your dissertation or your comment of stop is essential, it is the first impression that you give to the corrector and on which it will be very difficult to return . Look after her, do not hesitate to draft her if you have the time.
  • Make good use of transition words and phrases that allow you to clearly present your plan and the progress of your demonstration. This will make your copy more readable and show the logical approach you got from the subject.
  • If you have any doubt about the precise date of a stop, try at least to give the year . If you have a doubt about the precise year, give at least a decade (”  In the 1990s, the Court of Cassation made a reversal of jurisprudence …  “).
  • Manage your time rationally . An unfinished dissertation or the last part of which has been botched is usually heavily sanctioned. Evaluate during the semester the time needed for each step to ensure that everything goes according to plan on the day of the exam.

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