Convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing

Convergence of AI and Cloud Computing

Convergence of AI and Cloud Computing
The convergence of AI and cloud computing is going to be a symbiotic relationship, which will be mutually beneficial to both the technologies. Computers, mobile phones and recently Internet of Things (IoT) have brought about changes in cloud computing. AI is expected to cause a major boost taking it to the next level.
There is a lot of data on the cloud which AI can tap into and learn. On the other hand, Cloud computing can benefit from the data which AI will be able to provide. Companies are investing heavily in developing AI products like Amazon’s Alexa which can respond to voice commands. But there is a long way to go where AI can communicate like a real human. This is where cloud computing can aid in the development of such products. The best part is tech companies are creating AI in a way where it can learn and evolve on its own. This means that AI can get access to the data on the disparate servers which form the part of the cloud technology and use it to learn new things and to make effective decisions.

Race to combine AI with Cloud

Already big players have entered the fray with their set of AI + Cloud products such as Google’s Cloud Machine Learning, IBM Watson, and Microsoft Azure. Google’s Cloud Machine Learning as the name suggests combines Cloud with machine learning. It is a platform offered as a service that allows the developers to build machine learning models that work on any kind of data, irrespective of the size.
IBM Watson is a cloud-based product that allows businesses to tap into the capabilities of AI and machine learning. In fact, IBM is one of the few companies which has figured out how AI can be integrated into many workplaces with Watson. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service which offers cognitive services under speech, computer vision, language, and knowledge.

What does the the Future hold?

AI and Cloud Computing have started creating impact individually affecting the lifestyle and work culture in a myriad of ways. Now their combination promises a great future and is sure to affect every industry with the amount of data collected and the unprecedented learning from the huge data available. AI may stand out as the best benefit that the Cloud Computing can offer.
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