Celebrate Pongal with Gusto

Augmented Reality Pongal

Pongal is a festival of harvest dedicated to Sun God and is celebrated for four days across South India. Each of the four days is celebrated with equal fervour and each having its own significance. Various rituals are carried out on all four days with immense passion and gaiety. Pongal is celebrated in many parts of India with slight regional variations. It is celebrated with various customs as per the region and is known by different names.

Bhogi Pongal

On the day of Bhogi, people get rid of all unnecessary things in their life by tossing them into a bonfire traditionally made of wood and cow dung cakes. Not just material things that are rid of, it is also the time of the year to cleanse your minds, your bodies and your conscience and welcome spring by starting afresh.
Augmented Reality Pongal

Thai Pongal

On the second day called Thai Pongal, a special ritual is performed where rice and milk are boiled together in an earthen pot and is offered to Sun god. Women decorate the entrance of their homes with traditional hand-drawn designs called Kolam using lime powder.

Mattu Pongal

On the third day called Mattu Pongal, animals are honoured for the role that they play in agriculture. The cattle are decked with flowers, bells and are painted colourfully. They are worshipped on this day as an expression of gratitude.

Kaanum Pongal

Kaanum Pongal is the last and fourth day of the harvest festival. On this day, women perform rituals for the good health and prosperity of their brothers. People go out for a picnic and spend quality time with family and friends.
It is that time of the year where you need to come out and celebrate, feel the changes that are happening outside and within yourself and start the year ahead afresh.
For businesses, it is time to revamp their strategies, review their performance in the previous year and look ahead to the next. Just like how you let go of your old stuff on the day of Bhogi, let go of strategies, technologies and everything that does not work for your business any longer. Start the year with a bang by embracing innovative ways to enhance your business. One such way is to leverage the capabilities of emerging technologies like augmented reality to transform your business landscape and to open up new avenues to meet your desired goals.
We at SMACAR Solutions wish you and your family, a joyful harvest festival. May this festival bring bountiful harvest and usher brighter days ahead.


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