Celebrate Christmas with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality christmas

The festive season is here. The most awaited festival that brings families together is in a few days. It is that time of the year where people decorate their houses, put up well-decorated Christmas trees and invite family and friends for a get-together and exchange gifts. Augmented reality (AR) being an engaging medium is going to make your Christmas merrier and fun.
AR, the technology that overlays digital content onto the real world can transform the way you celebrate Christmas this year. Right from immersive shopping experiences to giving your guests the best festive moments and personalized & magical gifts, AR can help you in many ways as you celebrate this festival.

Interactive Marketing Campaigns with Augmented Reality

This holiday season, retailers are vying with their competitors to grab customers’ attention. AR helps them with innovative marketing campaigns with which they can stay ahead of their competitors and in enticing customers like you and me to their stores. Be it in the form of discounts that appear when a person scans the Christmas tree put up in front of the store or overlaying fashion tips and suggestions on accessories when you scan a particular dress. You are in for immersive shopping experiences this festive season.
Augmented reality christmas

AR Assists in Decorating your House

Christmas is around the corner and you are planning to decorate the house. You intend to do it differently than last year’s but not sure how you can go about it? The first thing you would do is to put up the decorative stuff in different places and see whether they look good together. But if you aren’t still satisfied with the final output after hours of hard work, you will have to redo things which again requires your time and effort. AR can help in planning the decoration of your house for Christmas. You can point your camera at different places and see where the Christmas tree can fit in and other decorative stuff can go. Once you are satisfied with the plan, you can go about decorating your house which is surely going to impress your guests.

AR Greeting Cards

AR helps to bring your Christmas greeting cards to life. You can send personalized AR greeting cards to your friends and relatives. AR apps are available that helps to overlay special personalized messages in the form of videos from you and your family members that can surprise the recipients when they scan the greeting card.

Passing on the Tradition of Christmas with AR

Festivals are all about keeping the traditions alive. With AR, you can have Santa telling the story behind Christmas to your kids. Normally for Christmas, people display the exhibit of art objects representing the birth of Jesus at homes and in churches. The kids can point their cameras at the exhibit and watch the story of the birth of Christ unfold in real-time.
As AR combines both digital and real world, festivals are going to become more fun and memorable. This Christmas, have a wonderful time by treating yourself and your beloved ones to magical AR gifts. We at SMACAR wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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