Bose’s AR Glasses Adds a New Dimension to Augmented Reality

Bose's AR Glasses

Bose's AR Glasses
When one thinks of Augmented Reality, digital image/video overlays that enhance one’s perception of the real-world comes to mind. But what if someone told you, AR is not just about overlaying visuals onto the person’s view of the real-world but also can add an audible layer of information and experiences. Hard to Believe! Well, Bose, the leader in the audio industry has come up with an innovative idea of AR glasses where the technology is implemented in a new way. Bose revealed its World’s first audio augmented AR platform in the recently concluded South by South West (SXSW) film festival which is held every year in Austin, Texas.
From the time augmented reality exploded onto the mainstream with Pokemon Go until now, there has been much focus on the visual capabilities of this frontier tech. No one has tried to explore the audio capabilities of AR making Bose’s AR glasses, the first-of-its-kind.

How do the Bose AR Glasses work?

The Bose AR-equipped glasses work in tandem with a paired smartphone and a Bose enabled AR app. Together these provide a platform that lets you hear about the thing or a place you are looking at. It has the capacity to recognize head gestures. Along with the head gestures, voice commands and taps on the wearable is enough to control the content and add an audible layer.
Bose AR being a platform, creates an opportunity for others to integrate Bose AR into apps be it for travel, music or education and even for wearables like headphones, helmets and glasses. Bose plans to integrate Bose AR into its upcoming audio products and also to combine visual info with the audio layer.
Instead of an enhanced screen distracting your view by showing information in front of your eyes, hearing about the things you are viewing can be comparatively less distracting. However, the glasses won’t be available to masses until sometime. Currently, it is available only for developers and manufacturers. It remains to be seen what this new innovation can do to the cutting edge technology on the whole. Can it surpass the Pokemon Go game in taking AR to the masses? All the questions will be answered once the Bose AR platform is released into the mainstream.
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