SMACAR Plans to Integrate Blockchain to the Rewards Program for an Advertising Client


When cryptocurrencies were first introduced, many couldn’t grasp the concept as they were way ahead of their time. It has been more than 10 years since the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin made its appearance and many of us have started to realize its potential especially as an investment option. Now Bitcoin is making inroads into new territory as a payment method for apps and games.

Benefits of Virtual Currency

SMACAR Solutions is exploring the possibilities of integrating Bitcoin as part of a monetization solution for a client’s rewards program. This means the customers of the client can redeem their reward points in exchange for bitcoins. With the help of the blockchain powered reward program, the client will able to maximize revenue by ensuring his customers have access to the latest payment methods.
The client can reap other benefits as well such as low transaction costs and fraud less transactions. One of the biggest advantages which one cannot find in any other reward point exchange programs is the processing of conversion of Bitcoins in real-time.
SMACAR Solutions plans to integrate blockchain into the client’s rewards program so as to provide a seamless user experience thereby aligning with the recent trend of virtual currencies.

SMACAR’s White Label Solution

Integration of the blockchain will be a part of the white labeling solution provided by SMACAR Solutions to an advertising firm. This solution will provide the client with the opportunity to benefit from features and functionality that are available in the existing SMACAR’s augmented reality App, Studio and CMS.


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