What is Augmented Reality & How it Works?

Augmented reality is a visualization tool that enriches your surroundings by overlaying digital information and media such as images, audio, videos, and 3D models onto the camera’s view of the smartphones, PC, tablet and smart glasses. It helps to add a whole new dimension to your business through the superimposition of digital images over the physical world thereby creating an illusion that can effectively engage your customers.


AR scanning

A user scans a specific maker through a device’s camera which is recognized by the application. The marker acts as a visual cue that helps to trigger the display of the digital information which is possible due to the image recognition component of augmented reality.


AR scanning

Image recognition allows the augmented reality application to estimate the position and orientation of the camera with respect to the real-world. The ID of the marker is decoded and is matched with the real-world image captured by the camera with the help of an image processing algorithm.


AR scanning

The algorithm then uses both the decoded marker ID and the image captured by the camera to augment the digital object onto the physical world object. When the app is used to scan the marker, it retrieves the information stored and displays the digital content over the physical surroundings

Benefits of AR Technology

The immersive nature of augmented reality is going to shape the future of businesses. This cutting-edge technology paves way for new and innovative methods of interaction and communication between the brand and its consumers. Augmented reality can boost your business with the appropriate content that can be activated and viewed by the customers via their mobile devices. It helps to create the necessary buzz for your business to thrive and edge out your competitors.

Creates brand awareness

Drives customer engagement

Transforms traditional advertising

Enhances marketing strategies

Helps to showcase products in a unique way

Content personalization

Boosts sales


What we offer under AR development

With rich experience in augmented reality development, we offer customized AR solutions for various sectors that include education, real-estate, manufacturing, advertising, print & media etc. We develop user-centric and engaging augmented reality solutions for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows. Here is what we offer as part of augmented reality development services:

Augmented reality app development
Advanced image recognition
3D modeling
Green-screen filming
Adding augmented 2D and 3D effects
Augmented reality interfaces

Why Choose Us

Our team of augmented reality developers with their wide range of technical expertise, design and develop best ever solutions that fit your requirements and aligns with your business goals and objectives. We adhere to industry standards and utilize the latest techniques to cart unmatched augmented reality solutions that can enhance your business. We ensure that your business is powered by the most cutting-edge solutions at affordable rates within the proposed timeline.

Exceptional UI/UX Design

With access to latest tools and technologies, we create designs for your apps that are visually alluring and with a user-friendly interface that helps to attract and captivate your customers.

Cross-Platform development & support

We provide customized augmented reality solutions across all platforms from iOS to Android and wearable devices at cost-effective prices

Vast technical expertise

With technical expertise in broad disciplines, we develop augmented reality apps with an alluring front-end and a secured & robust back-end.

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