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As a tech-savvy couple, you would want to make the best use of technology to turn your wedding into a memorable affair that is cherished for a very long time.  SMACAR Solutions will help you add that special touch to your Big Day with Augmented Reality wedding cards. You can start impressing your guests with the invites that you sent out for them by digitizing the cards using Augmented Reality.

What are Augmented Reality Wedding Cards?

Augmented Reality is an immersive technology that enhances the user’s view of the real world by overlaying digital objects on top of the physical objects. You can digitize the traditional printed cards using Augmented Reality.

The digitized wedding cards when scanned using an Augmented Reality app can display a photo gallery, video, audio message, Google maps highlighting the route to the venue or 3D model or animated version of the couple inviting the guests.

SMACAR Solutions will help you to embed the virtual contents into the wedding cards and transform them from being normal & regular to interactive and engaging invites.

Why should you consider Augmented Reality Wedding Cards?

Inviting with printed wedding cards is still the best way to invite the guests for your Big Day. But, just inviting them with a normal wedding card is not enough in this digital era. You should use a more unique and innovative approach to invite your guests and yet not lose the personal touch.

You can embed personalized messages in the form of video or audio into the wedding cards which get displayed when viewed through an Augmented Reality app. You can add a personal touch and a new dimension to your wedding invitations using Augmented Reality. You can be more creative with your wedding cards using this visual technology and share the details of the wedding to your guests in an interactive way. Augmented Reality also lets you add the wedding venue location to Google Maps. This helps to guide the guests to the correct location easily.

How do Augmented Reality Wedding Cards Work?

SMACAR Solutions will help you in converting the regularly printed wedding invitations into interactive Augmented Reality wedding invitations. Upload the image of the wedding card to SMACAR Studio – a web-based Augmented Reality platform that allows you to easily create interactive experiences.

Add the digital widgets to the image and save. You can add videos of the couple inviting their guests personally, photo gallery, Venue highlighted in Google maps or even some background music as the digital widgets. Your guests can view the digital content by downloading the SMACAR app – an Augmented Reality app see the wedding invitation come to life.

Recently, we created an Augmented Reality experience for one of our clients, Lakshmi Cottage Industry, one of the oldest and largest manufacturer of wedding cards in South India. We digitized the invitation of a family function and helped the client invite their guest in a unique and innovative way. Watch the video to know more.


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