Augmented Reality Uses in Construction & Architecture

Augmented Reality Real Estate

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology through which you can superimpose digital content onto a user’s view of the real world thereby creating a composite view. In case of architecture, AR augments the computer generated images created using CAD or building information modeling (BIM) software onto the physical world. AR holds great potential for construction and architecture companies. These companies can leverage this emerging technology to increase the productivity of workflows and improvise on deliverables thereby increasing the value.
Augmented Reality Real Estate
For construction and architecture projects, AR helps to overlay proposed design onto the actual site in full scale using mobile devices. AR provides an innovative and practical way of understanding architecture models from wherever you are. Overlaying the virtual design over the construction site helps the architects to assess the progress, identify potential conflicts and make necessary modifications while the work is still in progress and also visualize how the project will look like post completion.
AR helps people outside the construction field to understand the 3-D implications of the 2-D designs and in decoding technical planning documents. Overlaying BIM data on the construction site helps the contractors and site inspection professionals to assess the progress of the project. Site workers can be benefited from the 3-D instructions overlaid on the physical components thus aiding them in assembly tasks.
AR lets prospective buyers to visualize the 3-D model of the project at the actual site before its completion and to have a sneak peek into the interiors and layout of the structure via virtual see through walls.
Construction and architecture can benefit from AR in various ways right from solving onsite challenges in construction to enhancing promotional materials. AR has the potential to save a lot of money for construction companies by ensuring accuracy of their projects and also assist them in their planning of new projects.
The benefits of AR in construction and architecture are many and in the development stage. I’m happy to say that SMACAR focuses on AR development. SMACAR’s rich experience in augmented reality will help you in incorporating AR into your business. We will help you explore the uses of augmented reality within construction and architecture industries.


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