Augmented Reality Trends for 2018

Augmented Reality history

Augmented Reality history

Top Augmented Reality Trends for 2018

2017 has been a great year as far as Augmented Reality (AR) is concerned. With tech giants entering the AR arena, bigger investments being made and newer tech features being released, it has been a turning point year for AR. Not only has it managed to come out of the shadows of Virtual Reality (VR), AR has also catapulted onto the mainstream as the game changer from simply being a buzzworthy topic.
As per the forecast by International Data Corporation (IDC), the total revenue for AR and VR in 2018 is likely to reach $9.1 billion. The firm also expects the AR/VR sales to reach $17.8 billion with a projected growth rate of 95 percent. Based on this data, 2018 is going to be a promising year for AR and is more likely to continue its run in the mainstream market. Read to find out the top Augmented Reality trends for the year 2018.

  • AR will continue to outshine VR

Just like any new technology that enters the market, there was a lot of hype surrounding VR and it was tipped to be the next big thing when it newly entered the fray. But, has it liven up to its expectations is a question that haunts many industry insiders. Given the decline in sales of the VR headsets and drying up of investments, VR has failed to match up to the predictions of the analysts.
Unlike VR, recent developments such as the release of ARKit and ARCore frameworks coupled with an increase in investments from the tech giants in AR has bolstered its chances of ruling the roost and has ensured its bright future.

  • More industries will adopt full-scale AR

More and more industries are going to leverage the capabilities of AR for training the workforce and for communication purposes. In industries where the workforce is scattered to remote areas such as manufacturing, telecommunication, and utilities, AR will be playing a major role as an effective communicating and training tool to bridge the workforce skills gap. In the healthcare industry, AR tools are going to be of immense use for instance in the operating rooms by providing remote guidance for the surgeons during complicated surgeries. In the education sector, AR will equip teachers in creating engaging and immersive learning experiences in the classrooms.

  • AR for branding

Brands have started experimenting with AR using it as the ultimate promotional tool. With the launch of an AR app, Ikea has paved the way for other brands to engage with their customers in a contextually relevant manner. Though it is yet to be seen how successful AR can be in terms of revenue generation, but is definitely going to enhance consumers’ shopping experiences.

  • Driving Factor for Mobile Sales

Mobile companies are seeing a decline in revenue and sales. Even titans like Apple and Google are facing the heat due to the prolonged mobile replacement cycles. In this scenario, AR can be the game changer in reinvigorating the stagnant mobile sales and in stimulating growth.


2018 is going to be a breakthrough year for AR. Going forward, AR will shed its novelty image and is poised to explode onto the mainstream consumer consciousness.
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