Augmented Reality Trends for 2019



In 2018, many businesses have experimented with Augmented Reality and have incorporated the cutting edge technology into their products and services particularly in the retail and industrial sector making 2018 an amazing year for AR.

ARKit and ARCore have played a major role in helping Augmented Reality flourish in 2018. These tools have made it easy for software developers to add AR capabilities into existing services and products or create new products with unique AR capabilities.

Many favorable conditions have contributed to the growth of Augmented Reality such as major tech companies investing in it and wide-spread use of the device that supports this immersive technology.

Despite these favorable conditions, Augmented Reality hasn’t managed to gain wide-spread market use as expected in 2018.

Let’s see how 2019 is going to be for Augmented Reality. Below are the top Augmented Reality trends predicted for 2019:

Mobile Augmented Reality Continues to Dominate

In 2019, mobile AR will continue to dominate. Even though HUDs such as Microsoft Hololens are making huge waves in the market, mobile has been the hero device leading the way for mainstream consumer consumption of Augmented Reality.

Big businesses will continue to exploit the capabilities of Augmented Reality in a mobile context. Rightly so, as mobile Augmented Reality makes it possible for consumers to get used to experiencing AR in their everyday lives. This helps the businesses to overcome barriers for AR adoption.

Industrial Augmented Reality Applications to flourish

Until recently Augmented Reality was considered as a technology gimmick and majorly associated with consumer-facing applications such as Pokemon Go and Snapchat. This is going to change in 2019, as the industrial AR prototypes and POC have been successful in demonstrating the usefulness of Augmented Reality for commercial applications.

IoT has found its place in the industrial sector and the benefits it has to offer is going to increase manifold when combined with Augmented Reality. This further aids the expansion of Augmented Reality into the industrial sector.

PTC, the specialist for Industrial IoT and Augmented Reality conducted a survey on Augmented Reality. As per the report, PTC estimates that in the coming 12 months, 86% of the industrial enterprises are set to launch customer focused Augmented Reality projects.

Enterprises will look to Maximize ROI using Augmented Reality

One of the key barriers to adopting any new technology lies in understanding the commercial and technological risks associated with it. In terms of improving the ROI, businesses should consider how Augmented Reality will fit into their scheme of things.

Whether they should develop an Augmented Reality product of their own or should they opt for ready-made solutions available out there in the market in the form of reseller programs and white label solution.

Bottom Line

Augmented Reality is poised to create waves in 2019 and some experts predict that this immersive technology will have widespread adoption in the year 2020. The key takeaway for 2019 will be that Augmented Reality will graduate from being an innovative solution with limited practical applications to being a practical solution which can be applied in various business arenas.

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