Augmented Reality to Revolutionize Manufacturing Industry

Augmented Reality Manufacturing

The development of both software and hardware for augmented reality (AR) has enabled for its adoption across various verticals particularly for the manufacturing industry. The possibilities for the incorporation of AR in the manufacturing industry are immense and many manufacturing companies have already taken the plunge into AR. This technology overlays digital content over physical objects providing the required data for a technician in a manufacturing plant to perform a task or to make an assessment.

AR Assists in Complex Assembly Tasks

The manufacturing of any product, be it jet engines or cars, requires a set of assembly instructions. These instructions normally come in static documents like PDF which can be hard to work through and may sometimes be outdated. AR helps to overlay those instructions in the assembly line worker’s field of view making it easier for the worker with hands-free access to the instructions. Along with instructions, AR helps to overlay technical diagrams and related videos which will ease things for the worker increasing the person’s speed and accuracy.
Augmented Reality Manufacturing

Maintenance with AR

One of the areas within manufacturing sector where AR is immensely useful is in maintenance. AR assists the technician while performing maintenance tasks by providing the information related to a particular machine without the need for going through a static manual and in identifying the problem areas as well.

Support from Experts Remotely

Most of the machine manufacturers offer service for their machines. When a technician is inspecting a machine on a service visit and things don’t go as expected, then the manufacturer may have to send in an expert to resolve the issue. In such cases, the expert need not have to travel to the actual place and can offer support from anywhere. With the help of AR, the expert can have access and also give instructions to the inspecting technician’s field of view.

Quality Assurance Using AR

AR can be used as a tool for quality assurance process. The QA professionals can take the pictures of the machines under inspection and compare them with the AR overlay images provided by the manufacturer and the overlay helps to identify the parts that are out of specification.

Use AR for Training

Aging workforce is one of the main concerns for manufacturing companies. The companies are struggling to find a replacement and to train them. AR can play a huge role in training the manufacturing personnel where both the experienced and the novice can benefit.
AR is set to revolutionize the manufacturing industry by infiltrating every aspect of the manufacturing operations. The promises that AR holds for this sector is really attractive and as the technology gets better, its practical applications in the manufacturing industry are only going to increase.
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