Impact of Augmented Reality on SEO

If you have ever played the Pokémon Go game or have used snapchat filters, then you have experienced Augmented Reality. This technology has been around for many years, but its only after the success of the Pokémon Go game that businesses have started to take notice of this cutting-edge technology and are leveraging its potential to enhance their sales and provide unique customer experiences.

Augmented Reality can be defined as an immersive technology that overlays visual content on top of the physical world. It is going to influence the way businesses will market their services or products and will start to impact Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the form of more engagement and enhanced user experiences.

Local SEO & Augmented Reality

Implementing Augmented Reality in local SEO can help boost marketing. Augmented Reality apps which provide users with location-specific data have become common. Businesses can leverage this kind of apps to provide their customers with information pertaining to their business which can be images or ratings or reviews whenever a customer scans in a particular location using his/her mobile device. Hence you need to make sure your business pops up when a user scans in your area of business.
You have to come up with a local SEO strategy that helps to optimize your business for location-based search.

  1. Google My Business Listings

The first step is to optimize your Google My Business listings. This helps whenever a user scans a location, your business will show up along with your competitors in the location. If you can have a compelling virtual listing, you can withstand the competition and make the prospective customer walk-in to your business outlet.

  1. Citations

Many directory apps are available that makes it easy for the searches to have enhanced AR experiences. Having your business listed in such third-party sites as citations helps you to stay ahead in the competition in the visual search space.

  1. Ratings & Reviews

Augmented Reality provides the ratings and reviews in real time as when a user scans in a particular location making it the most important factor for search and conversions. Make you sure to encourage positive reviews and get the best ratings to appear at the top in the search results as well to improve your revenue. Try to resolve any negative reviews at the earliest.

  1. Location-Based Offers

Augmented Reality helps to take location-based targeting to a whole new level. It allows you to send deals and offers to your customers as push notifications as they walk past your business location. The offer and deals in the form of AR experiences can surely entice the customers to visit your business outlet.

  1. Importance to visual search & interactive content

On a mission to provide the users with the most relevant answers to their queries, Google has been constantly innovating to improve search experiences. Right from considering user preferences such as location and history to voice search and now investing in AR, Google aims to simplify the search experience and provide relevant results. Hence incorporating Augmented Reality into the content marketing strategy plays a crucial role in ranking up higher on search engines.

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