Augmented Reality Case Study for Print Industry

Augmented Reality in Real Estate

The Client

The client is a successful commercial printing company offering printing services for various businesses. They print a variety of products from the business card, brochures, leaflets to letterheads and even menu cards. They make use of sophisticated digital and offset printing machines to take care of all their customers’ printing needs.

The Client Requirement

The client’s goal was to position his company as a tech-savvy and digital pioneer in the print industry. By bridging the gap between the print and the digital world, the client wanted to create unique and enhanced experiences for the customers.

How did SMACAR Solutions help?

SMACAR Solutions created an Augmented Reality based solution that helped to bring the client’s print materials to life. The solution comprised of an AR app which helps to scan the print material and view the augmented virtual content and a Studio which helps to augment the client’s printed material with relevant digital assets. This AR solution is powered by SMACAR Solutions’ in-house Image Recognition Engine which helps to easily create interactive print materials at affordable prices.

The Result

The AR solution helped to increase the revenue and enhance the brand reputation of the client. With the flexibility offered by the AR solution, the client could create immersive and engaging experiences for his customers. It also helped to enhance the content delivery and engagement for the print campaigns.


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