Augmented Reality Case Study for Industrial Sector

The Client

Client is a global leader in the telecommunications and electronics industries and a pioneer in driving innovation through advanced technologies to serve customers in approximately 150 countries around the world. Headquartered in Finland and with a turnover of EUR 23.1 Billion and a workforce strength of 103,000 people, Client is at the forefront of digital technologies – cloud computing, mobility, artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, the Internet of Things and 5G networks.

The Client Requirement

Client’s manufacturing hub in Chennai, India, hires assembly-line workers every year. Training these new recruits and supervising their work daily is a challenging, time-consuming and arduous task. And it requires additional resources and extra costs. The client was looking for a cost-effective, efficient and reusable solution that can address all of these challenges.

How did SMACAR Solutions help?

The SMACAR’s R&D team developed a client/server based Augmented Reality (AR) system to streamline the Client’s board assembly process as follows:

  • The AR-based system comprised of a high-end server, capable of responding to multiple client requests at the same time, a high-speed camera that captures images in real time and a high-resolution display device for an augmented view.
  • The system facilitates the assembly process with well-defined step-by-step visual instructions enhanced further with 3D models of the real world which mitigates the need for a physical manual or manual supervision.
  • Even the novice workers without any training will be able to perform the assembly tasks easily and effectively.

The Result

Augmented reality helps the assembly line workers to carry out their tasks efficiently and optimally. This solution helps in bridging the skill gap which is particularly high in the manufacturing sector. By combining the power of AR, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, we helped our client with a means to give upfront training, support and making data available immediately to their employees resulting in a faster execution rate, fewer errors, less damage while execution and achieve higher efficiency.


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