Augmented Reality in the Automotive Industry

Augmented Reality is an immersive technology that provides an enhanced view of the real-world by augmenting the physical elements with digital content such as 2D & 3D images, videos, sounds, and animations. In the automotive industry, there is a rising demand for Augmented Reality thanks to the interest and the recent developments in the autonomous vehicle systems.
Many automotive industry giants such as Volkswagen, BMW and Ford have already adopted Augmented Reality and have used this immersive technology in different scenarios. From allowing the manufacturers to visualize the complex concepts to training & aiding the service professionals, and creating digital showrooms for enhanced customer experiences, Augmented Reality has gained traction in the automobile industry.
Augmented Reality in the automotive industry has huge potential and its applications appear to grow day by day.
Below are the applications of Augmented Reality in the Automotive Industry;
Test Drive the Virtual Car
What if you could test drive a car without actually being physically present in it or without having to step out of your home? Also, experience the car as if you were driving it, have a look at its engine and get to see the road from a driver’s perspective. Augmented Reality can make all of this possible through 3-dimensional effects and by allowing the users to get behind the wheels of a virtual car using either a smartphone or a head-mounted display.
Enhance the Design Phase of a Vehicle
Augmented Reality can play a crucial role in the design phase of a vehicle. It helps the manufacturers by giving them an exact picture of how the vehicle may actually perform on the road. The manufacturers can then analyze and modify the design or the parts in the initial stages itself. This helps to reduce the costs as well as the time required for the launch of a vehicle. Augmented Reality gives an added advantage for the manufacturers to better and perfect their automobile products at the earliest.
Support Tool
Due to the complexity of the automobiles, servicing professionals must have a technical know-how on how to service the vehicles in the right way. This means they require step-by-step instructions for performing each task and info on the tools required to carry out the tasks, correct configuration & assembling the parts in a vehicle.
Augmented Reality helps to display the parts of a vehicle in a three-dimensional way and in the right context. This helps to train the servicing professionals and also guide them through, thus making the servicing aspect of a vehicle quick and accurate.
Showcase Variants
Using Augmented Reality, vehicle dealers can create digital showrooms which mitigate the need to place display vehicles in the actual showrooms. Augmented Reality helps companies to present its prospective buyers with variants of the same vehicle virtually. This helps to save time, space and money for both the vehicle dealers and the companies.
Improved Navigation & Safety
Augmented Reality helps to overlay relevant information in relation to the driver’s surroundings thus enhancing his/her view of the road ahead. It improves the navigation experience without distracting the driver. This immersive technology helps to project navigation prompts through map depiction, safety warnings and also data related to traffic onto the windshield.
Augmented Reality has definitely made inroads into the automotive industry offering benefits through the entire value chain, from vehicle design phase through production and sales. Although the first instances of Augmented Reality in the automotive industry seem promising, there are few hurdles such as connectivity issues and customer acceptability that have to be overcome for widespread adoption and usage.


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