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Augmented Reality has started making inroads into the mainstream and has found many use cases across industries. This immersive technology has been around for many years. But it wasn’t until 2016, it became a buzzword; thanks to the Pokemon Go game. It is considered one of the hottest trends of the tech world in recent times. Brands and advertising companies have started adopting Augmented Reality to create immersive and interactive ad campaigns.

Below are the reasons for adopting Augmented Reality in advertising:

Connect with Audiences

The immersive nature of augmented reality ads helps in captivating the attention of the audience and connect with the brand. Augmented Reality ads are more lifelike and interactive than the print ads. This allows the customers to interact with them. Customers will get the feel of playing a video game when interacting with the AR ads and this helps in building an emotional connection with the brand which ultimately leads to increased sales. In addition to promoting sales, the aspect of emotional connection also helps to enhance brand awareness.

Cost Effective

Placing print ads in popular newspapers and magazines is an expensive affair whereas Augmented Reality advertising is more affordable and far more effective making it an attractive and cost-effective option.

Enhanced Sales

AR advertising isn’t just a promotional tool for marketing products & services. It also offers brands the means to increase sales volume in the form of virtual try-on. This option allows the customers to virtually try the products before purchasing them making Augmented Reality an effective tool to increase sales and revenue.

Local Advertising

AR ads provide marketers the opportunity to leverage the capability of hyper-local advertising. Integrating Augmented Reality in hyper-local ads helps the brands to provide truly immersive experiences by showing objects right on a user’s smartphone screen. This means the customers not only get information about places that may be of interest to them but are also guided on how to reach the place in an interactive way.

If your goal is to have a competitive edge over your rivals and reap profits through advertising, it is high time that you adopt Augmented Reality. SMACAR Solutions will help you to step into the fascinating world of AR advertising. Contact our team and we’ll help you to get off to a good start in implementing AR into your marketing strategies and reap the benefits of AR advertising.


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