Augmented Reality for Warfare

Augmented Reality warfare

Augmented reality (AR) is set to bring a sea change to the battlefield. Whether your Pokemon is waging a battle with your friend’s Pokemon or you are waiting to send in your troops to the battlefield in an AR game, a battle could mean several things. But for a soldier who is involved in battles which are more real, AR becomes a life-saving technology. This emerging technology which basically overlays digital information to a person’s field of view can be useful in a myriad of ways for the military.

How Has Augmented Reality Influenced military?

The consumer market has woken up to the potential of AR only in the last few years. But, the military has been dabbling in the AR space for decades. This technology serves as an effective communication tool that can be used to relay key data points to the troops in real time.
Wearable tech like glasses and headsets are very useful for the troops on the battlefield. They can receive key data to their field of view from the commanders remotely, without having to take their attention off the battlefield. The soldiers need not have to carry a computer or look down on a 2D map for directions. AR helps to overlay data onto the soldier’s real-world view and this can range from markers to differentiate between friendly forces and enemy forces to virtual mapping info to mission parameters.
AR tech can be used to relay topographical data to the soldier on the battlefield from commanders or fellow soldiers without having to divert the soldier’s attention of what’s going around him. AR helps to equip vehicles used in the war like a tank, plane or any machine with imaging systems and sensors thus enabling the soldiers inside the vehicle to have a 360-degree view of the external surroundings without having to risk their lives by exposing themselves.
Augmented Reality warfare

Augmented Reality can help make decisions faster and accurate

AR helps to relieve the cognitive load of the troops by reducing the data that was once displayed on multiple screens. It sieves the data and provides them with required information only with a high-quality resolution thus making the decision making process faster and helps the troops in achieving their goals.
AR helps to resolve any repair issues with the equipment, weapons or vehicles deployed in warfare. It can guide the soldier in resolving the issue by giving them step by step instructions. The troop does not have to wait for a specialist to resolve the issue and this saves considerable time and money.
On the whole, AR provides the troops in the warfare, an extra layer of safety, speed, accuracy, a network between soldiers and high awareness on what’s happening around them in the war zone, finally enabling the troops to complete their mission successfully. The versatile nature of AR allows it to be used in everyday life and also deployed in warzone by the military to save lives.
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